Halloween Bracelets for Kids – Printable Paper Bracelets

These printable Halloween bracelets for kids will be a huge crafting hit in your home or in the classroom!

They are easy to make and, and this is really a cool one, they can be worn many times as you can easily take them off and put them back on – no glue involved!

Printable Halloween Bracelets for Kids to Make

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These printable paper bracelets are great to give as party favors and even as a non-candy “trick or treat” (as an addition to something else we’d think).

With a generous selection of characters your kids will easily find their favorites.

We have a bat (one of our favorites as the wings look great).

Then there is a friendly witch face…

A black cat (if you go with the black and white version, you can color it differently too).

And a Frankenstein’s monster.

A silly looking ghost.

Jack-o-lantern and also a regular pumpkin.

How to Make our Printable Halloween Bracelets for Kids

What you need:


Step by Step Tutorial

Halloween Printable Bracelets for Kids

We’ll be showing you how to make our cat bracelet, the black and white version.

Print the bracelet template on heavier print paper.

Color in the design – markers, crayons, coloring pencils, whatever you want.

Cut along the dashed line.

You will notice the dashed line also goes along the head, half way through (both sides), cut along that dashed line too, to make a slit.

To make the bracelet, all that you need to do is to push the slits one into the other (this has to be done with the bracelet on your hand – unless the hand is small enough 😉 – it’s best to have kids help eachother out when putting the bracelet on the wrist.

Bend the bracelet, so that the head halves come together. Push the slits one into the other.

Once you push the slits one into the other, you are all done.

Printable Halloween Bracelets for Kids

Halloween Printable Bracelets for Kids

Grab a Pumpkin Bracelet for Free

Grab the pumpkin bracelet here: Pumpkin Bracelet Black and White and Pumpkin Bracelet Color

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