Frog Coloring Pages – 30 Printable Coloring Pages

Hop into this set of wonderfully designed printable frog coloring pages. With a selection of 30 cute as well as realistic frog designs, you will find something for every child.

Kids will love to color these sheets, be it as a part of learning about frogs or just because they are frog lovers. Ribbit!

Frog Coloring Pages

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These Frog Coloring Pages will be great for springtime when frogs are most abundant. But they can naturally be colored all year round.

You can choose between realistic illustrations, cartoon-style frogs, and other designs. There is a coloring page for anyone in this set; even adults can have fun coloring.

We also have a wide variety of Spring Coloring Pages if you want even more spring themed coloring pages.

Also, check our How to Draw a Frog tutorial – it’s super fun and easy!

Printable Frog Coloring Pages

We prepared a set of 30 Frog Coloring Pages for your young ones to get busy with. Our coloring pages include a variety of frog species, from the most simple to more challenging designs.

Free Printable Frog Coloring Pages

Your kids can start the fun by first coloring 10 Free Frog Coloring Pages.

Becoming a member will grant you access to the set of 30 Frog Coloring Pages and different printables, such as craft templates, worksheets, coloring pages, and much more.

Have your children grab their favorite coloring supplies and start coloring these cute amphibians.

Big and Easy Frog Coloring Page

Frog with Big Eyes Coloring Page

This adorable froggy can be colored with markers or crayons, as it features broad areas kids can easily color.

Cute Frog Coloring Page

Jumping Amphibian

The next jumping friend is a more realistic, but still cartoony illustration. It looks like the little guy is jumping around the grass. Maybe it will jump into the pond – the future is in your child’s hands – they can color the bottom part blue to create the water effect or color it brown or green.

Easy Frog Coloring Page

Happy Froggy

We love cartoon frogs because they are so fun to color for anyone.

Frog and Dragonflies

Frog Catching Dragonflies

Frogs love insects and playing around the pond. This image shows the joy of an amphibian jumping around and dancing with the dragonflies. Have kids make this page as colorful as they wish.

Frog on a Lily Pad Coloring Page

Cute Frog Coloring Page

You can sometimes spot this amphibian relaxing on lily pads. Our chubby frog looks like it is enjoying the day. Have your kids color the caption “frog” with vivid colors to make it stand out, and color the frog and the lily pad too.

Green Frog Coloring Sheet

Realistic Frog Coloring Sheet

We have a neat frog drawing to color for those who prefer realistic illustrations. Again, kids can use various colors to create a stunning effect on this jumper.

Jumping Frog in a Puddle

Jumping in Puddles

Who doesn’t love to jump over and into the puddles? Frogs sure do! Our fellow is having a blast getting all wet. Have your kids grab their coloring tools and color the whole page!

Jumping Frog

Hopping Frog

Frogs live in all sorts of habitats worldwide, but what they love most is being close to water. Have your kids explore the world of frogs by coloring this cute sheet.

Sleepy Frog on a Lily Pad Coloring Page

Enjoying in the Pond

Have your kids color this delightful frog coloring page. Our laid-back frog rests on a lily pad in a tiny pool, waiting to get some colors to its world.

Tree Frog Coloring Page

Easy Frog Coloring Sheet

Here is another froggy sitting and waiting to be colored! Encourage your kids to draw a few colorful flowers, dragonflies, or flies to the scene. We bet it will look fantastic when they finish!

Member Frog Coloring Pages

We’re happy to present you with an exclusive set of Frog Coloring Pages. It includes 30 unique sheets to provide your children with fun and creativity!

The pages feature various frog designs and will be great for younger and older kids.

Have them explore the world of art and coloring with our amphibian set.

Join us, get your young ones to grab the coloring supplies, and let the fun begin!

Under the Lily Pad

Frog with Lily Pad

Here is a perfect frog coloring page for spring. This cute hopper holds a lily pad above its head like a shield or an umbrella. Maybe the sun is too high up and needs a shadow. However, it must still be colored, so have your kiddos grab their markers to start the journey.

Big Toad Coloring Page



Toad Coloring Page

We have a giant toad for your kids to color! These creatures have a few distinctive features, such as dry, warty skin, shorter legs, and a rounder body shape than frogs. They are unique when it’s time to attract females – they have distinctive calls! Have your kids color this toad however they want!

Playful Frog

Happy Frog Coloring Sheet

We got another playful frog sitting on the ground. This amphibian is ready for anything, especially for your kid’s coloring supplies! Have them color the entire page!

Realistic Frog Coloring Page

Realistic Frog Coloring Sheet

Coloring realistic images takes some effort but will surely bring smiles and joy to your kid’s face when it’s all colored. Have kids color the serious frog sitting on a rock in the middle of its pond.

Best Friends

Smiling Frogs Coloring Page

Our smiling frogs are sure to brighten up your kid’s day. They can add shading to the frog’s little bodies to make their skin look more realistic. We bet they’ll turn out great!

Jumping Over Rocks

Happy Jumper Coloring Page

Kids can enjoy more coloring with this adorable frog coloring page. The little friend is leaping over a puddle with pure joy and excitement. Have your children make the page as colorful as they wish to bring this froggy to life.

Smiling Amphibian

Smiley Frog Coloring Page

Here is a peaceful frog sitting on a floating lily pad in the refreshing water of the pond. This coloring page will be great for the youngest artists as it includes broad areas for coloring.

Tree Frog Coloring Page

Happy Tree Frog

Our tree frog is ready to climb some branches and jump all over! This page will be great for younger kids, who can color the vast areas with crayons or markers.

Frog Buddies


Buddies Forever

These two friendly frogs sit side by side, enjoying each other’s company. Kids can color them with their favorite coloring tools and let their creativity run wild with green, purple, or different colors.

Silly Frog Coloring Page

Silly Frog Coloring Sheet

Coloring should relax like this silly fellow frog sitting on a rock. Encourage kids to color the scenery with colors they see fit. We bet it will look fantastic!

Enjoying the Rain

Rainy Day for a Frog

We got another charming coloring page for kids to color! Our amphibian friend is standing on its hind feet in a puddle while holding an umbrella to protect itself from raindrops. Despite the weather, it is smiling and enjoying the moment.

Fairytale Frog Princess

Frog Princess Coloring Page

Young artists can color this frog princess with their precious coloring supplies to give it some royal treatment it deserves. The magical scene will take kids to a far-off kingdom where this lovely froggy rules with kindness and grace.

Frog on a Mushroom Coloring Page

Frog on Mushroom Coloring Sheet

We got another whimsical coloring page! Let your kids’ creativity bloom as they color this charming scene of a frog sitting on a mushroom. This cheerful buddy will bring a smile to your kids’ faces.

Frog’s Rainy Day

Frog's Happy Day

Where do you think this frog is headed? Maybe to visit some frog friends or is just taking a walk in the rain. Have kids color the umbrella and the frog with their favorite colors and make it pop out. Don’t forget to color the puddle – it can be murky brown as if it is muddy or cheerful blue.

Sitting on a Tree Stump


Frog and Flowers Coloring Page

No matter what colors your kids choose to color this guy, we know they will create fantastic art. Have them color the tree stump, frog, and the two daisies behind with any colors they wish.

Frog Life Cycle Coloring Sheet

Frog Life Cycle Coloring Sheet

How about a coloring page with all four stages of a frog’s life cycle? This educational coloring page shows the incredible transformation frogs go through. It includes jelly-like eggs, a tadpole, a froglet, and the final stage of its development – an adult frog. Have your kids bring each step of the frog life cycle to life!

Love Story

Frog in Love Coloring Sheet

The following coloring page features a shy frog in love. You can almost see it is blushing as hearts flow above it. Kids can use their best coloring tools to fulfill the adorable scene with vivid colors or pastel shades.

Hungry Frog

Frog With a Long Tongue Coloring Page

Someone is trying to catch some food, we’d say. Our cute amphibian friend is trying to capture some insects with its long tongue. This page will be great for spring coloring, so have your kids grab their colored pencils, and enjoy the pond scene.

Catching Flies

Frog's Lunch Time Coloring Page

Please have your children use their greens and blues to create a soothing atmosphere for our little froggy. This guy is trying to catch some flies, and we think he’s enjoying himself.

Cute Frog

Cig Frog Coloring Page

Kids can make this coloring page as vibrant or tranquil as they wish. Encourage them to add flowers and flies to the image – let their creativity flow.

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Frog Coloring Sheets

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