Spring Coloring Pages – 30 Printable Coloring Pages

Spring is here, and so is our new set of coloring sheets. Print out our collection of printable spring coloring pages for kids as well as yourself, and embark on a wonderful coloring journey.

Printable Spring Coloring Pages

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We love spring, with all the birds chirping and flowers blooming. So, we made a neat set of cheerful spring images for young ones to color.

If you want to color more, check out our Flower Coloring Pages that will fit the springtime, or find something you like in our Coloring Sheets for the Whole Family collection.

Printable Spring Coloring Pages

Spring is a perfect time for these 30 Spring Coloring Pages, although naturally they can be used all year round.

Want your kids to add their own drawings to them? Let them learn How to Draw a Frog or a Snail. Want more flowers? Let them draw a rose or a tulip.

Free Printable Spring Coloring Pages

We prepared a set of 10 Free Printable Spring Coloring Pages for your kids to enjoy.

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Now let’s get going – prepare your coloring supplies!

Cat in a Puddle

Cat with Umbrella

We know cats don’t like water much, so our cat friend carries an umbrella and rain boots. Grab your markers and give the page some colors.

Flower Motive Coloring Page

Pretty Flowers Coloring Sheet

Intricate designs are fun to color and a great practice to improve fine motor skills simultaneously. Get those colorful markers running and embellish each detail.

Flowers in a Watering Can

Flowers in a Watering Can Coloring Page

Make these blossoms shine by coloring the page with vivid colors and making the plants even more gorgeous as they are. Have fun coloring!

Bicycle in Spring

Spring Scene Coloring Page

Celebrate the season and print out a spring coloring page featuring a bicycle with flowers in the front basket and some balloons at the back!

Happy Frog

Frog with Umbrella

If you are passionate about nature, this happy frog coloring page is just for you! The frog seems to enjoy the rain and living outdoors. Color the cute little frog holding an umbrella in the middle of a puddle.

Rainbow and Tulips Coloring Sheet

Rainbow Joy Coloring Page

We have some good news for all the fans of bright colors and cheerful scenes – print out this spring-themed coloring page! The page features a beautiful rainbow arching over a field of tulips, with two clouds in the sky.

Blooming Flowers Coloring Page

Spring Full of Flowers

Take your time with this coloring page and enjoy creating a beautiful and vibrant spring scenery—color in the blooming flowers, the captions, and the background.

Snail and Flowers Coloring Sheet

Snail Among the Flowers Coloring Sheet

Do your kids have a fondness for tiny creatures? We got an excellent coloring page for them! The page features a cute snail making its way through a field of big, beautiful flowers.

Flowers Coloring Sheet

Flowers to Color

Our flowers coloring page can be a relaxing activity for kids to get creative with all the vibrant colors and details this spring offers!

Happy Flower Coloring Sheet

Big Happy Flower Coloring Page

Brighten up your day with a cheerful and easy coloring page! This sheet will be perfect for the youngest kids, as it features broad areas for coloring! Color in the big, happy flower with a huge smile.

Member Spring Coloring Pages

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Here are the previews of the other coloring pages waiting for you in the whole set of Spring Coloring Pages.

So, print out the set, grab some markers, colored pencils, or crayons, and join a colorful journey through the wonders of spring.

Bunny Watering a Tulip

Bunny and its Tulip

What an adorable sight! Look at this cute bunny watering a giant tulip with a watering can. Have your kids use their imaginations to bring this picture to life.

Rabbit with Umbrella

Rain has Gone

Did you know rabbits use umbrellas? Everything is possible in the world of imagination, so grab your supplies, color the puddles, the bunny, its umbrella, the grass in the background, and the cloudy sky however you want.

Butterfly and Daisies

Butterfly and Flowers Coloring sheet

Need a coloring page with vast spaces for coloring? Bring this charming image of daisies and a butterfly to life with all the bright colors and details that spring offers.

Spring Flowers

Spring Time

So many flowers bloom in the spring, and we can’t get enough of them. Join us in coloring this lovely spring scenery, and don’t forget to color the background too! It will make the flowers pop out!

Tiny Flowers

Intricate Flower Coloring Page

Continue coloring these tiny detailed flowers – this page is suitable for older kids and adults as it contains small motives. We recommend using colored pencils for this one.

Time to Garden

Spring Gardening Coloring Page

Gardening has begun! Connecting with nature and arranging garden beds is a beloved springtime activity. Celebrate the season by coloring a page featuring a watering can, gardening gloves, pots, and other necessities!

Happy Duck in a Puddle

Duck in a Puddle

Introduce your kids to the joys of splashing in the puddles with this adorable duck holding an umbrella. They can use their creativity and bring this scene to life with their favorite colors to paint the duck, the umbrella, and the water.

Intricate Flower Coloring Page

Flowers in Spring Coloring Page

The intricate flower coloring perfectly celebrates the season. So let’s grab some coloring tools and color the whole page!

Spring Time

Tiny Flower Scene

Do you like picking up flowers? We love to observe them as they are – in the wild, and we also love to color them! Hop in and color the sheet however you like.

Lily of the Valley Coloring Page

The Lily of the Valley Flower

Lilies of the valley are such delicate and fragrant flowers. We love how they bloom, and seeing them makes us happy. Grab your markers and color the flowers, leaves, and bow.

Spring and Tulips

Spring and Tulips Coloring Page

This coloring page will be great for older kids and adults too! Enjoy filling in the tiny gaps and develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as you work on staying within the lines of the picture.

Flowers Coloring Page

Blooming Flowers Coloring Page

Ready for a super fun and easy-to-color spring sheet? Enjoy making this flower page as colorful as you want! Add some color to the background to make the flowers pop out!

Singing Bird

Happy Bird Singing

Color a delightful image of a bird perched on a “Hello Spring” caption, singing a sweet melody as flowers bloom around it. Encourage your kids to use imagination to bring this coloring page to life.

Spring Animals Coloring Sheet

Spring Animals Coloring Sheet

Here is a coloring page including various animals commonly seen in the spring, including a ladybug, a butterfly, a snail, a spider, a worm, a bee, and a caterpillar. Have fun coloring the animals!

Spring Mandala to Color

Pretty Spring Mandala to Color

Do you need some more detailed coloring pages? We have a unique spring mandala for those who love coloring tiny areas.

Daffodils in the Boots

Daffodils and Boots

These rain boots seem to have been outdoors for an extended period – see how the daffodils started to grow through them. We love the sight, so grab your markers and color the scene with your favorite colors.

Spring Fantasy

Spring Coloring Page

We love different styles and motives for coloring pages – have your kids color the intricate designs on the left and right from the caption “Spring.” We think it will come out great!

In the Garden

Spring Gardening Time

Have you already started to plant some veggies in your garden beds? Here is a fun coloring page that will indeed give you joy.

Happy Spring Animals

Happy Spring Animals Coloring Page

Have your kids color this fun and educational page, where they’ll learn about the natural world and the behavior of animals in the wild. Color in a bee, a butterfly, a spider, a ladybug, a snail, a worm, a caterpillar, and a bug. Don’t forget to color the surrounding trees, grass, and sky.

Leaves and Flowers

Intricate Flowers Wreath Coloring Page

What an excellent intricate motive to color this spring! Have your kids color the tiny leaves and flowers with colored pencils and improve their fine motor skills.

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