Dinosaurs Clothespin Puppets – Printable Paper Craft

Warm up your printer as you’ll soon want to print these Dinosaurs Clothespin Puppets.

This adorable set of dinosaur paper crafts will have your kids playing for hours and with 12 different dinosaur designs we are sure your kids will easily find a few they will love.

Printable Dinosaurs Clothespin Puppets for Kids #easypeasyandfun

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Clothespin puppets are really great for imaginative play, crafting sessions and story time. If you have a kid who loves dinosaurs (who doesn’t?) these will be a hit. Great to use in the classroom as well as a fun dinosaur activity to do with your kids at home.

Great addition to your dinosaur unit or just something to have fun with.

Dinosaurs Clothespin Puppets

These printable puppets are anxious to start talking one to another, and there are so many dinosaur characters to choose from.

Printable Dinosaurs Clothespin Puppets

How to Make  Dinosaur Clothespin Puppets

What you need:

Step by Step Instructions

Print out our dinosaur puppet template. We recommend printing on heavier print paper for more durability.

Tip: Once you cut out the puppets, you can also laminate the puppet parts to make it last even longer!

These puppets come both in black and white as well as pre-colored designs.

If your kids will be making the black and white ones, we do recommend they color the puppets before they move onto cutting.

Cut out the puppet outline.

Also cut along the mouth line (it’s marked on the puppet), to separate the top part of the puppet from the bottom one.

Apply glue on the gripping part of the clothespin.

If you are using wooden clothespins, a regular stick glue or school glue will do. If however you are using plastic clothespins, a glue gun (operated by adults) will be needed or glue dots.

Stick the top part of the dinosaur puppet on the top part of the gripping area, and the bottom part with the body on the bottom part of the clothespin’s gripping area.

Make sure the top part of the design is aligned with the bottom one.

All done! Your dinosaur puppets are ready for play!

Triceratops Clothespin Puppet

Isn’t this triceratops adorable?

Printable Triceratops Clothespin Puppet

And this T-rex?

T-rex Clothespin Puppet

Super fierce looking! Raaaawesome!

Printable T-rex Clothespin Puppet

Pterodactyl looking sharp as ever.

Pterodactyl Clothespin Puppet

Ready to chat with the other dinosaurs.

Printable Pterodactyl Clothespin Puppet

There’s also a stegosaur waiting for you to play with.

Stegosaurus Clothespin Puppet

As well as 8 other designs of Dinosaur Clothespin Puppets!

Printable Stegosaurus Clothespin Puppet

Get the Dinosaur Clothespin Puppets Printable (12 designs are waiting for you)

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