Construction Paper Witch Craft for Kids

Witches don’t have to be scary, and this fun construction paper witch craft for kids is the proof. This is a fun project that can be done both in the classroom and in the comfort of your home and it allows for a lot of creativity.

Let the kids follow our step-by-step tutorial or take it as an inspiration as they make their very own unique witch portrait.

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Halloween crafts are hands down the most fun crafts to make; you can keep them cute, you can make them spooky and you can make them scary. Witches are one of the most fun subjects to make and if your kids don’t feel like crafting one, why not have them try their hand at drawing a witch?

Construction Paper Witch Craft for Kids

How to Make a Construction Paper Witch Craft for Kids

What you need:

  • cardboard or construction paper for the background (black is great, any other color will do)
  • construction paper in green, orange, purple, black, white, and yellow (or other colors)
  • marker
  • scissors and glue
  • optional: large googly eyes

Step by Step Tutorial

Start with the background. Any shape will do, but this portrait craft really stands out in a circle. Cut a circle out of black (or other) construction paper.

You can also use regular paper and glue it onto cardstock (cereal boxes work great for this).

Draw an oval shape on a sheet of green paper (make it smaller than the circle). Also, draw the lines for the neck.

Cut out the green face of the witch.

Now let’s move to the hair. Take a sheet of orange paper. Trace the top part of the witch’s head and draw a straight line from the sides. You should see an elongated half-moon shape. Cut it out.

Cut into this shape, making strips about half an inch / one centimeter wide. Don’t cut all the way through.

Starting from the end, roll the paper strips (you can roll them around a pen, or roll them without). Slightly unroll them. This will give our witch a nice little hair doo.

Want to make the hair even nicer? Stick in a few more paper strips and curl them.

This witch certainly has stylish hair!

Cut out circles out of white paper, draw in the details, and stick them on. Alternatively, you can also use googly eyes.

Cut a triangle shape for the hat and stick it on top of the head.

Also, add the long rectangle for the hat as well as other details.

All done!

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial for making the construction paper witch craft for kids.

Paper Witch Craft for Kids

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