Clay Pot Bee

Spring will be here before you know it! Take the time to create this Clay Pot Bee with the kids in your life.

This bee is a fun way to spend time painting and gluing. Kids will love being able to add the chenille legs to the bee!

Clay Pot Bee

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We love making all kinds of Spring Crafts (check out our Frog 3D Coloring Page Craft or create a  3D Paper Ladybug Craft).

DIY Clay Pot Bee Craft

When it comes to spring, bees are a staple! You’ll see them everywhere!

Clay Pot Bee Spring Craft

Now is your chance to prepare your household for spring with your own clay pot bee.

Clay Pot Bee Craft

How to Make the Clay Pot Bee

What you need:

  • clay or yogurt cup
  • bonding primer paint
  • yellow acrylic paint
  • paintbrush
  • color papers (yellow and red)
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • glue stick
  • black pipe cleaner
  • googly eyes
  • black pompom
  • black and brown markers

Step by Step Tutorial

Paint a yogurt glass with bonding primer, and when dry, paint it yellow.

Step 2

The yellow yogurt glass will represent the body of the bee.

Kids will have a lot of fun with paint, but they may need assistance with this part of the craft.

Step 3

On yellow paper, draw two wings.

Step 4

Cut the wings out.

Draw stripes on them with black and brown markers so that the yellow paper is visible in between.

Step 5

Glue googly eyes on a black pompom.

Step 6

Go ahead and cut two smaller pieces of black chenille.

Step 7

Glue them on the pompom.

Step 8

Trim the chenille pieces.

Step 9

Draw a mouth on red paper.

Step 10

Cut it out, and then glue on the pompom.

Step 11

Cut six small pieces of black chenille for the legs.

Step 12

Glue the chenille legs to the top of the yogurt glass.

Step 13

Now let’s glue the wings to the top of the yogurt glass.

You’ll also want to glue the pompom head to the top of the yogurt glass.

Step 14

Your clay pot bee is finished!

Step 15

It is ready for many playtimes and buzzing around!

DIY Bee Cup Craft

If you have some more clay or yogurt posts, you can make a whole hive of bees!

DIY Clay Pot Bee

We think our turned out perfect.

Bee Clay Pot Craft

Have fun!

Clay Pot Bee Idea

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