Christmas Tree Candle Holders Kids Can Make – Christmas Crafts

These Christmas tree candle holders kids can make will be a wonderful decoration for the home or a lovely kid made gift for friends and family. With the fingerprint Christmas lights, this also makes a very personal gift. What’s not to love?


Christmas Tree Candle Holders Kids Can Make - Kid Made Christmas Gifts. Don't the fingerprint Christmas lights look adorable? *This post contains affiliate links*

We think homemade gifts are the best, and if the kids make them (and they are useful 🙂 ) they have that extra something. This little project is easy for kids to make and as it’s a decorative festive item, it will be welcomed by family members and close friends.

Christmas Tree Candle Holders Kids Can Make

What you need:

  • green paints (the more shades the merrier)
  • glasses (tall skinny ones, sundae glasses… You can usually get these at dollar stores)
  • red, blue, and yellow craft paint
  • black Shapie
  • foam paint brush
  • small paint brush
  • scissors
  • low temperature glue gun – kids can easily handle those
  • yellow felt


Squirt your paints onto a paper plate and line your craft surface with old newspaper.

Paint the inside and outside of your glasses with a mix of your green paints and let dry.

Paint the glasses

Paint a second coat on your glasses and let dry.

Once your glasses are dry use your finger tip to dip in your blue, yellow, and red paint to paint lights on your green glasses and let dry.

Connect all your colorful lights with a sharpie by drawing a loop to connect them all

Use the fingers to make Christmas lights

Now cut a few starts out from your yellow felt and hot glue them under the base of your glasses.

Felt Stars

Place tea lights (we recommend led lights) on the bases of the glasses for looks. Your Christmas Tree Candle Holders are ready to be displayed or gifted.

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