Printable Career and Community Helpers Puppets (PDF Template)

One of the questions our kids are often asked is: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. Let kids explore and learn about different occupations with our fun printable career and community helpers puppets.

From the ever-popular choices like firefighter and doctor to the talked about ones like illustrator or gardener, this fun set has plenty to offer (26 puppets!).

Printable community workers puppets.

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These are the previews of just a few of the puppets included in this set (and they all come in black and white, as well as pre-colored puppets in two skin tones). Working tirelessly to ensure our safety and well-being, nurses and firefighters are true heroes of the community!

Printable Community Helper Puppets Nurse Firefighter

How about teachers and doctor puppets? They dedicate their lives to helping others grow, whether it’s through knowledge or health.

Printable Community Helper Puppets Teacher Doctor

Through their craftsmanship, these two printable puppets bring color and beauty to the world around us. Assemble a gardener and a hairdresser puppet with your kids!

Printable Community Worker Puppets Gardener Hairdresse

Make more of them! Keeping our communities informed and secure, police officers and reporters play a vital role in maintaining order.

Printable Community Worker Puppets Police Officer Reporter

Want to make a waiter and a veterinarian finger puppets?

We think they’re so cute!

Printable Community Worker Puppets Waiter Veterinarian

How to Make Printable Community Helpers Puppets

What you need:

Materials Used

Step by Step Tutorial

Print the template and let your kids color the characters if you are printing the black and white template.

These steps work for any puppet in our collection!

Step 1

Cut out the puppet parts following the dashed line.

Step 2

Prepare the cut parts: two finger straps, police officer puppet and his mustache if you want.

Step 3

Have kids fold the two straps marked with a dashed line, preparing them for assembly.

Step 4

Show children how to make three folds along the dashed lines, starting with the upper mouth part.

Step 5

Then the bottom part.

Step 6

And finally, the middle inner mouth part. Bring the top and bottom folds together to close the mouth of the puppet.

Step 7

See how the mouth is folded inward.

Step 8

Apply glue to the strap parts, and glue one strap to the backside of the puppet’s upper mouth part.

Step 9

Repeat with the other one, gluing it on the bottom!

Step 10

Attach the mustache to the officer’s face.

Step 11

All done!

Time for puppet play!

Step 12

Now your kids can enjoy their adorable community helpers puppets.

Step 13

Want to create more career or community worker finger puppets? We have a bunch of them in our printable set!

Printable Community Worker Puppets

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