Bug Paper Toys – 3D Paper Dolls

We’re starting a new paper toys series on the websites – the 3D paper dolls! We have quite a few to share with you but as you have to start somewhere here are our bug paper toys.

These paper toys are insanely easy to assemble, this set being perfect for spring, so they make a great project both for kids and adults.

Cute Free Printable Bug Paper Toys

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Bug Paper Toys – Printable 3D paper dolls

What you need

  • a printable template (we offer both the butterfly and bee for free 🙂
  • coloring pencils if you go with the black and white version
  • scissors
  • glue

We do recommend you print these on heavier paper. We worked with regular print paper and it is OK to use too.

Start of by printing your template. We will be showing you the tutorial with our little bee paper doll. We are using watercolor pencils as those work out really great if you use a blender pen (be sure to check the video to see this magic).

You can naturally use any coloring medium you want, but if you use a regular paper just make sure the markers (or whatever you will use) do not wet and wrinkle the paper too much.

We started by coloring the body of the bee, using black and yellow coloring pencils. If you are using watercolor pens you don’t have to color it “uniform” as the blender (or some water) will blend the colors and make them look smooth.

Watch the video tutorial


Let’s make a paper cone doll!

Next we colored the wings. You can decide if you will be using one set and just color the back or if you will be coloring both sets and glue one on the back of the other. Also color the bee antennae.

We are almost ready to make our bug paper toys.

Time to cut cut! Cut out the bee cone paper doll and the wings & antennae.

Lets make the cone. Apply glue in the space where it says glue. Stick glue works best for paper as it doesn’t wet through and wrinkle the paper.

Make a cone shape.

If you decided to make your paper doll with both sets of wings you have to first glue them one on to another. Apply glue on the back of one set of wings and glue them on the other, you will now have wings colored on both sides. As mentioned before you could just work with one set of wings and just color them on the back.

Now lets glue the wings onto our bug paper toys cone. Take the wings and apply glue on the designated area.

Glue them on the back of your 3d bee paper doll.

All there is left to do now is to glue on antennae on the head. Now repeat the whole procedure with the butterfly paper doll and your bug paper toys are done.


Printable Bug Paper Toys Templates


First we have this Bee Black and White Paper Doll you and your kids can color.

Bee Paper Cone Doll

A Pre-Colored version

Bee Paper Toy Pre Colored


Black and White version to unleash your creativity.

Butterfly Paper Cone Doll

Pre-colored verstion

Butterfly Cone Doll Colored



Cute Free Printable Bug Paper Toys

Adorable Bug Paper Toys

Cute Bug Paper Toys

Butterfly Paper Toys

Bee Paper Toys

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