Bee Mine Valentines Day Paper Plate Craft

There is no better time for a sweet pun than around Valentine’s day and one of our favorites is “bee mine”. And what better way to deliver the message than with a bee mine Valentines day paper plate craft. This project is beyond adorable.
Adorable Bee Mine Valentines Day Paper Plate Craft

This little busy be works great as a classroom craft for Valentines day, or if you remove the hearts you can have yourself a lovely ordinary paper plate bee craft.

Paper Plate Bee Craft

What you need

  • 2 paper plates
  • Pink, red, and black craft foam sheets
  • White and black puffy paint
  • Scissors
  • Yellow craft paint
  • Paint brush

Lay down a piece of old newspaper onto your craft area before you get started.
Paint one of your paper plates yellow and let dry and cut the other white plate in half
From your black foam sheets cut the following:
-Three 1/2″ wide strips the width of your plate
-Small triangle for the stinger
-Half a large oval
-Two 3 x 1/2″ strips and two small circles to go on top for antennas

Then cut one heart from each your pink and red.
Now glue one white paper plate half onto each back side of your yellow plate.
Glue your long black strips across the yellow plate for the bees stripes.

Glue your half oval on the top of the plate and glue the antennas onto the oval.
Draw your bee’s eyes under the top of the bees head with your white and black puffy paint.
Now glue the hearts onto your bee and write ‘bee mine’ onto one of the hearts and let dry.

Need more? This cute bee craft pairs up nicely with this lovely paper plate craft hearty ladybug.

Valentines Day Paper Plate Craft

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