Printable Bat Coloring Pages – 35 Sheets

Be sure to have plenty of black and gray crayons at hand as a whole bunch of amazing printable bat coloring pages are just waiting to be printed and colored.

From those hanging from mysterious caves to ones soaring through the night sky, these pages will be perfect for celebrating Halloween or this flying mammal in general.

Printable Bat Coloring Pages

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Printable Bat Coloring Pages

Our bat-themed set includes 35 bat coloring sheets – perfect for young artists to create unique masterpieces.

They can explore our Halloween coloring sheets once they’ve added their magic to all the bat pages. And if kids feel creative, we’ve got a special treat – a printable tutorial on how to draw a bat! It’s a terrific way to keep the creativity going.

Free Printable Bat Coloring Pages

We are sharing 15 Free Printable Bat Coloring Pages to start with. To grab each of them, click the “Get it here” button under each preview page.

Bat in Forest Coloring Sheet

Kids can start their Halloween adventure by coloring this flying bat!

Cute Bat

We’ve got a super cute vampire coloring sheet for all those who need vast spaces for coloring!

Moonlight Bat

Coloring the background of this moonlight creature coloring sheets will make the moon, stars, and bat stand out!

Bat Spelling Coloring Sheet

Bat Coloring Page

A friendly bat head is ready for artistic touch – have kids spell out the word “bat” and color the bold caption.

Eating Watermelon

Bat Eating a Watermelon

This Halloween character has its wings widely spread and is snacking on a watermelon while flying through the air.

Moonlight Flight

Cute Bat Coloring Sheet

Flying among a sea of stars, with a gentle crescent moon shining in the background, this bat is ready to be colored.

Hanging from a Cave

Hanging from a Cave

What a fantastic night scene! A happy bat hangs upside-down from its cave in the company of a giant moon and two fluffy clouds.

Bat and Stars

Giggling and having fun – that is what bats love to do! Kids will enjoy adding colors to all the details on this page.

Starry Adventure

Flying Bat Coloring Page

Join us on a starry adventure with this adorable bat coloring sheet! Our friend glides through the sky filled with twinkling stars while a massive moon shines in the background.

Hungry Bat

Hungry Bat

We got a cute Halloween coloring page to color. A hungry bat is drooling with excitement over its delicious snack! Have kids color the whole page with their favorite coloring supplies and colors!

Big Cute Bat Coloring Page

What a cute baby bat! We love all Halloween characters, but this guy will surely be a hit among kids this Halloween!

King of the Bats

King of the Bats

Our following wingy friend is standing on a pile of rocks, spreading its magnificent wings wide while its crown hovers above its head.

Laughing Bat Coloring Sheet

Laughning Bat Coloring Sheet

Kids will have a great time with this easy-to-color bat coloring sheet! It is perfect for little ones in pre-K and kindergarten, with many vast spaces to color.

Flying at Night

Cute Flying Bat Coloring Sheet

Flying high among the clouds, this nighttime creature is enjoying himself. With its large ears, it can catch every sound around!


Vampire Bat Halloween Coloring Page

The friendly bat spread its wings wide. We think he is excited to get colored by the youngest artist with their favorite colors!

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Big Eyes

Adorable Vampire Coloring Page

Our toothy friend of the night is all ready to become colorful! The simple design of this bat coloring page is perfect for the youngest artists.

Holding onto an Apple

Bat and Apple

What do we have here? An adorable baby bat holding onto a juicy apple! Have kids add their artistic touch and color every detail!

Miss Bat

Bat in Love

Our charming bat lady is in love! She looks pleased and cute, with a bow perched on her head. Have kids color the heart-filled surroundings too!

Spooky Shadows

Bat Shadows Coloring Page

Are you in need of an easy-to-color bat coloring page? These three bats are casting big spooky shadows under the moon and will look great on a blue background.

Nighttime Adventure

Batty Friends

What a cute pair of bats! These two nocturnal animals are gracefully flying beneath the night sky.

Within the Forest

Big Flying Bat

Our next aviator is searching for some tasty treats. Flying from the forest, we’re sure he’ll find something!

Bat in the Sky

Carrying a Log

Carrying a log is no easy job! This guy holds onto the wooden piece while the moon shines and clouds float!

Friendly Greeting

Cute Halloween Bat

Hello from the bat kingdom! Kids can bring this bat’s cheerful welcome to life with vivid or pastel colors!

Bat in Motion

Flying Among Stars

Have you ever watched how bats fly? Sometimes they’re dancing, like the one on this coloring page!

Flying Bat Friends

Halloween Bats Coloring Page

With their easy-to-color wings, these bats have dropped by to wish a sweet goodnight to all the little ones who struggle with bedtime.

Vampire Bat

Flying Nocturnal Creature Coloring Page

The mysterious world of the night reveals a vampire bat flying through the darkness. You can use this sheet for Halloween coloring!

Above the Forest

Halloween Flaying Bat Coloring Page

Discover the friendliest aviator of the woods! A cute baby bat with a big smile flying above the treetops creates a fantastic coloring opportunity for kids.

Bat on Halloween

Halloween Vampire Coloring Sheet

A vampire bat is posing before the enormous moon – a spooky Halloween sight! Have kids choose their colors and color the nocturnal scene!

Cute Hanging Bat

Hanging Bat

Let children bring this nocturnal scene of a bat holding and hanging from a tree branch to life.


Hanging from a Tree

Enter a cozy world of bat’s bedtime – the little guy is ready to be colored. He positioned himself and hung upside-down with his wings gently crossed.

Spread the Wings

Happy Flying Bat Coloring Page

We got another toothy bat adventure for the little ones! His broad smile and enormous wings will charm your kids.

Happy Bat at Night

Learning to Fly

Sparkling stars excited our batty friend to spread its wings wide open! Kids can color the background with any color they like to make it stand out!

Colorful Bat Wings

Midnight Bat Parade

The following bat coloring page has a lot of tiny spaces. Kids can add colorful magic to these two majestic bats as they spread their enormous wings surrounded by glowing bubbles.

Lady Bat Coloring Page

Miss Bat Coloring Page

What an elegant lady bat! Wearing a pretty bow on her head, she’s resting on the ground to showcase her beautiful wings.

Sleepy Nocturnal Animal

Sleepy Bat Coloring Page

Using shades of green, gray, brown, purple, and yellow, this bat will stand out from its bushy surroundings!

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