Printable Leaf Coloring Pages – 25 Sheets

Celebrate all things fall with our collection of 25 printable leaf coloring pages. The designs are perfect for kids of all ages, be it them taking their first steps into the world of coloring or being seasoned coloring enthusiasts! From realistic leaves coloring pages to cutesy leaves with friendly faces, we have them all!

Printable Leaf Coloring Pages

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Printable Leaf Coloring Pages

The set includes 25 leaf coloring sheets, from intricate to most-easy designs.

Want even more? Kids can continue their coloring adventure with our fall coloring pages or choose among more than 1000 fun coloring sheets for themselves and the whole family.

Free Printable Leaf Coloring Pages

Each page is a canvas of imagination, so check out these 10 free printable leaf coloring pages we created – click the “Get it here” button below each preview, download it, and print out the page.

Realistic Leaf Coloring Page

Big Leaf Coloring Sheet

Our realistic leaf illustration captures the essence of nature’s wonders! The plant part will look great in any colors the kids choose!

Leaf Patterns

Cherry Leaves

Need some practice for kids to color within the lines? These two giants will be great for testing their fine motor skills.

Friendship in Diversity

Leaf Friends Coloring Page

Companionship thrives in diversity! Standing face to face, their distinct shapes tell their own story. Have kids paint these two leaf friends in different hues, from reds, browns, greens, and orange shades.

Leaf Coloring Sheet

Easy Leaf to Color

Nature’s masterpiece – a giant leaf with broad coloring areas- awaits the young artist’s creative touch!

Fall Season

Fall Leaves Coloring Page

Want a more intricate coloring experience? The following sheet includes many tiny spaces to fill in with different colors.

Pile of Leaves

Falling Leaves Coloring Page

Have kids grab those coloring supplies and jump into a pile of leaves by coloring the whole sheet to the frame!

Easy Leaf Coloring Page

Happy Leaf Coloring Sheet

This leaf coloring page will be perfect for preschool and kindergarten kids! The broad areas offer a neat experience in coloring the smiling leafy friend!

Foliage of Fall

Maple Leaf Coloring Page

We love how fall leaves change colors, and we bet kids will make this maple leaf as colorful as possible! Using reds, browns, greens, and orange colors, they can make it look pretty realistic!

Autumn Joy

Maple Leaves

Do you like observing leaves as they dance through the sky before gently falling to rest on the ground? Have children color the flying leaves with their favorite colors!

Fall Spectrum

Willow Leaf Coloring Sheet

These four leaves will look fascinating as kids bring them to life with their favorite hues and shades!

Member Leaf Coloring Pages

Hop into the fall season with our 25 Printable Leaf Coloring Sheets available exclusively to our members.

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Forest Flora


Here is a pretty leafy branch that will give a neat practice in coloring within the lines. The intricate playfulness of the stem and leaves will look fabulous in different colors!

Circular Patterns

Abstract Leaf

The broad leaf with intricate circles forms mesmerizing patterns and awaits your young ones’ artistic touch!

Fall is Here

Big Leaf Coloring Page

Coloring a palm tree-like leaf will be fun to color during fall! Don’t forget kids can color the background too!

Chestnut Leaf

Chestnut Leaf Coloring Sheet

Let’s celebrate nature’s artwork as your children color this bold chestnut leaf! They can infuse it with hues that mirror the beauty of the fall season.

Grand Abstract Leaf

Easy Leaf Coloring Sheet

Leaves come in all shapes and sizes, and what is best, they come in abstract patterns on coloring pages too!

Polka Dots

Fall Leaves

Young artists will bring these two oak tree leaves adorned with tiny polka dots to life when using vivid or pastel colors!

Falling from Trees

Falling Autumn Leaves

Join us on a coloring journey through falling leaves! Each is adorned with intricate and captivating patterns – perfect for advanced coloring enthusiasts!

Plant Life

Forest Leaf Coloring Page

With every new color your kids add, this branch with leaves will become more lively and colorful!

Winking at Each Other

Happy Leaves Coloring Sheet

Two playful personalities of leaves, winking at each other as if sharing a secret joke. A perfect coloring page for pre-K and kindergartners.

Leaf Coloring Sheet

Leaf Coloring Page

Our leafy friend has a friendly smile and is ready to brighten the day as your kids add colors to its vibrant word.

Botanical Bliss

Leaves Coloring Sheet

We got a canvas of leafy wonders to color for your little ones! The whole page will look even more significant when the background is colored in.

Realistic Maple Leaf Coloring Page

Leaf Coloring Pages-page-019

Continue the coloring journey with our lifelike maple leaf illustration. These leaves look fantastic in reds, yellows, and orange hues.

Fall Leaves Coloring

Leaves Coloring Page

If you have experienced coloring fans, we got a leaf coloring page just for them! A bunch of tiny intricate leaves are awaiting!

Oak Leaf and Acorns

Oak Tree Leaf

Are you working on recognizing trees and their seeds with your kiddos? Kids will surely remember the scene of an oak tree leaf and two acorns beside it.

Easy to Color Leaf

Realistic Leaf Coloring Sheet

Another excellent leaf coloring page for the youngest ones – an easy-to-color sheet with a simple and open design.

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