Accordion Paper Bee Craft

Buzzing bees are back! We are showing you how to make an adorable accordion paper bee craft.

Just two strips of paper and a few decorations and you have a fun bee craft for kids too make.Fun Accordion Paper Craft for Kids for Kids to Make

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We love bees (admittedly I also fear them a little). These cute little animals are one of the most important bees in the world. I am sure you and your kids have been told a few time already that if bees went extinct we would be in big, big trouble.

Not only are these hard workers important, they are, with their stripes, one of the most cute bugs in the bug kingdom.

We have shared quite a few of bee craft ideas on our website already (we don’t plan to stop anytime soon) but this one just might be one of the more fun ones.

It’s super easy to make and if you add some string to it’s head (and make a whole bunch) these will look wonderful if you hang them somewhere to twist and twirl in the air.

Ready to make them? Let’s go!

How to Make this Easy Accordion Paper Bee Craft

What you need

  • yellow paper
  • black paper
  • blue paper
  • black marker
  • scissors
  • glue

Optional: wiggle eye stickers

Watch the Video Tutorial

Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions with Tips and Tricks

Cut strips of yellow and black paper. Our strips were cut along the length of a regular sized print paper (letter or A4) and were about a “finger” wide.

Add a bit of glue on one strip of paper, on one end.

Glue the other strip of paper on the first one at a right angle.

Now start folding them one over the other. Repeat until you reach the end.

Glue the last fold.

Cut any excess paper.

Now cut a pointy triangle out of black paper and glue it on the bottom of the bee accordion.

Cut the head with a neck (you will fold the neck and apply glue on it). Decorate the head.

Glue it on top of the accordion paper bee craft.

Cut a heart shape out of blue paper. Glue on the back.

Accordion Paper Bee Craft for Kids

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