3D Paper Halloween Pumpkin Craft

If you want to share the Halloween treats a bit differently this year, why not make this 3D Paper Halloween Pumpkin Craft that serves as a cool Halloween treat bag?

It’s easy to make and looks oh co cool!

3D Paper Halloween Pumpkin Craft

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We enjoy creating different Halloween Crafts for kids (take a look at the Surprise Pumpkin Halloween Cards or make a Ghost Paper Finger Puppet).

Today we are super excited to show you our new project. It is a pumpkin, but not an ordinary one.

This pumpkin has small candies inside it, it can spin and it can also wobble when you press it down then pull it up.

DIY 3D Paper Halloween Pumpkin

So, if you want to have this pumpkin on your Halloween table or if you want to make it as a gift for your “TRICK OR TREAT” friends, join us crafting.

Paper Halloween Pumpkin Craft

How to Make 3D Paper Halloween Pumpkin Craft

What you need:

  • orange cardstock
  • white cardstock
  • green cardstock
  • circle puncher
  • split pin
  • glue
  • scissors
  • black liner
  • ruler with circle shapes
  • circle object
  • a small bag with treats inside (make sure the treats you put inside are not too heavy so the pumpkin can spin)
  • googly eyes (optional)

Materials Used

Let’s craft!

Step by Step Tutorial

On the white color cardstock trace the circle object.

Step 1

Cut out the circle.

Step 2

Punch out two orange circles.

Step 3

Cut out four orange strips.

Step 4

Fold their ends and apply some glue on them.

Step 5

Attach the first strip on the orange circle.

Step 6

See how we glued it – we only glued a small part of the fold, so make sure you do the same with your strips.

Step 7

Add the second strip to form an X shape.

Step 8

Glue the third strip and also connect them at the top.

Step 9

Glue the fourth strip and connect it to the top with glue.

Step 10

Take the second orange circle and glue it on the top of the first one, inside the pumpkin.

Step 11

Push a split pin through the center of the orange circle, then through the center of the white circle you cut previously.

Step 12

Split the ends of the pin so the pumpkin stays attached to the white circle.

Step 13

Place the bag with treats inside the pumpkin.

Step 14

Draw and cut out two eyes and a mouth. You can also use big googly eyes if you have some.

Step 15

Glue them on the pumpkin.

Step 16

Now draw and cut out a green handle for the pumpkin.

Step 17

Fold its end, apply some glue, then place it on top of the pumpkin.

Step 18

That’s it! Our pumpkin is ready to spin and wobble.

DIY 3D Paper Halloween Pumpkin Craft

To make it spin, take the handle with your fingers and spin it around. And to make it wobble, take the handle and press it down then pull it back up.

Happy Halloween everyone! See you soon with more Halloween crafts!

3D Paper Halloween Pumpkin Craft Idea

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