Spring Meadow Finger Painting

We are starting to see greens here and even some flowers (survivors from last year though) so we thought it would be fun to make our own flower patch and created this spring meadow finger painting.

Finger painting is great for all ages – I love it – it lets you be creative in a semi-messy way, I mean what’s not to love about that (well obviously the clean-up but lets forget about this for now).

Spring Meadow Finger Painting Kids Art

The best way to go about this project is to use the green paper – you know for the grass but it will be equally fun if done on the white one.

So we first painted a few flowers – white and pink ones with 4 to 5 finger painted petals. We spot of yellow in the middle was a must! Next onto the bugs! A few yellow and red spots here and there and we’ll soon be turning these into adorable bugs. If you’ll be using white paper as a base you can also add other bugs and critters – like a green caterpillar, a spider (OK this one would work on green to but eeek!), a green grasshopper. We could also make ants, butterflies, beetles but somehow we decided ladybugs and bees are the way to go…

Finger Painting Project

Now that we have our spots (or dots) it’s time to get creative with a black marker! Add a few legs, some spots and an eye or two and you have super cute art to showcase in your living room. If you have smaller kids you can make this for them if they are still not skilled enough with a pen or let them make this project from start to finish.

Spring Meadow Finger Painting

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