Painting Little Snowmen – Snow Painting

We got snow! Well not a lot of it so we couldn’t think big but we still managed to do some snow painting!

I actually came up with this activity when I was a kid and just remembered doing it a few weeks ago.

If you haven’t tried snow painting jet you must to do it as soon as possible as it is a whole lot of fun for the kiddos (and adults to be honest) and it does make the snowman (or any other cold creation) look even cooler than it normally would!


While big snowmen are great coloring them can get a bit tedious and kids might loose their focus – plus if there isn’t a lot of snow you can’t really make them right?

Making sweet small snowmen (go on make a whole family or a whole army) is really easy (peasy) kids of all ages can do them!

Snowman Painting

Once you have a few of the little snowmen build (also be sure to not pick the sunniest spot to build them like we did as our creations melted a bit sooner than we would want) it’s time to color them! Go with temperas, finger paints or any other paint that can be easily applied with a brush and start making your little masterpieces.


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