20 Spring Activities for Kids

Now that the temperatures are on the rise outdoor (and some indor) spring activities for kids are a must! I really do hope you will enjoy this list as I’ve though long and hard to come up with some unique ideas along with some great activities from other talented bloggers.

Spring Activities for Kids

Fun Spring Activities for Kids

1.  Make a flower crown – we do this every year with daisies and it’s super fun. We braid them as we would a hair braid, adding new flowers as we go.

2. Press flowers and make a flower-encyclopaedia aka herbarium. Great for learning about local flowers.

3. Watch things grow! Plant a bean or any other fast growing plant and watch it grow! I’m in love with this bean growing project from Life at the Zoo.

4. Make unique garden markers – even if you don’t have a garden this will be a fun project for the kids – these plant markers are an adorable example (Adventure in a Box).

5. Warm day? Pack some food and have a picnic – even if it is in the living room.

6. Make a garden for your kid! If you have a garden dedicate one small plot to your kids and have them pick their own veggies or fruits to grow (along with whimsical decoration). If you don’t have a garden you can always have a small indor one in a larger flower pot.

7. Spring scavenger hunt – make a list of things for kids to find! Daffodils, flower buds, animals, different kinds of trees, rocks are just some of the ideas.

8. As spring has many rainy days why not buy a white umbrella and color it with waterproof colors? Your kids can have their own super unique umbrella!

9. Kids favorite – puddle jumping. But wait you can take puddle jumping to a whole new level like Lemon Lime Adventures did.

10.  Keep a rain diary. Put a measuring bowl (you can just use the old plastic bottle with top cut off and draw measurements).

11. Make a fairy garden – either outside or in a pot. Your kids can even plant a flower or two as fairies love that!

12. Make moss gratify – yes you read it right and this has to be the coolest thing ever! I’m sure you can find some moss somewhere around your home and if you don’t want to get creative with your walls (totally understand that) you can also try this on wood (large plank, pallet…).

13.  Go on a photo color hunt! Spring is a season of colors. Give your kid a camera and a list of colors they have to picture – the more the merrier – red for ladybug, yellow for daffodils, green for grass! I bet they can find every color there is! Or you can have them take pictures of 7 rainbow colors and you can make a rainbow collage when you are done.

14. Buy a white (or any uni color) throw pillow case and some textile colors (they are inexpensive) and color leaves, plants, ferns (they are awesome) and make prints on the pillow case.

15. Go on a walk and gather some branches. Get creative with them – this twig art canvas is just one of many great ideas (Red Ted Art).

16. Got a rainy day! Worry not! You can bring spring indoors by making spring flower crafts.

17. Make mud cakes. Spring mud is the best. Seriously!

18. A great and fun spring activity for kids is also fairy soup making (Happy Hooligans).

19. Make a whistle from willow tree. This was my favorite thing ever when I was a kid – I had a ton!

20. Go on a bug hunt – either with camera or even make your own bug habitat to observe the bugs (you can buy bug habitat kits or just create your own with some compost, earth and plants).

Spring Activities for Kids - Lots of Fun Ideas

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  1. So many fun ideas! We love bug hunts & have a fairy garden on our Spring to-do list. I’ve never heard of moss graffiti — that looks super cool!!

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