Rock Turtle Craft

I was pretty excited about this rock turtle craft for quite some time and after a long nature walk we’ve gathered just the right stones to finally make this painted rock project.

Turtle Rock Craft for Kids - Rock Art Idea for Kids

I’ve been imagining this one in my head for weeks and am so happy with how it turned out and this little fellow is now a proud inhabitant of our garden.

Rock Turtle Craft Simple Rock Painting for Kids

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Isn’t he cute? Now I want to make even more!

Rock Turtle Craft

What you need to make this adorable rock turtle craft

  • rocks, 1 larger oval or round shape one and 5 smaller oval shaped ones for head and legs, they all should be more flat than round (we’ve gathered ours on a walk, quite a few dollar or craft stores sell stones too)
  • glue gun (young kids can use low temp glue gun)
  • assortment of paints – we used a few greens and cream (acrylics are great as they are waterproof but you can always use other kind of paints and seal them with varnish)
  • green and black permanent marker
  • brushes

Turtle Craft Supplies

Wash the rocks and let them dry.

Color the small rocks green. Color the large one in cream color and let it dry.

Painting Rocks

Once dry, draw the turtle shell details with the marker (you can sketch them with pencil before that).

Drawing the details of the shell

Color them in with green (we used olive green).

Painting the rock

Let it dry. While you wait you can heat up the glue gun.

Glue Gun in Action

Once the glue gun is ready to go glue the legs and head to the bottom part of the turtle shell. If you are the patient kinds I’ve found that white school glue does a decent job with glueing stones together too, but it does take quite a while to dry (and I don’t know if it works out as an outdoor solution).

Draw the eyes and nostrils with the permanent marker.

Turtle Collage

Cool Rock Craft - Painted Turtle

Isn’t he (or she) the cutest? I want to make more.

More rock crafts for kids to make

If you need a unique pet rock why not give these rock monsters a try (they are super silly). If you are looking for something even simpler than this one you should certainly give these rock ladybugs a go.

Cute Turtle Craft

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2 thoughts on “Rock Turtle Craft”

  1. Absolutely love the Rock turtles!! Just so cute and it looks pretty simple to do. I think I am going to try to make my own!

  2. Kids can NOT use a low temp glue gun. If it’s hot enough to melt something that’s solid at room temperature, it’s too hot to handle.

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