Paper Plate Fox – Crafts for Kids

Foxes are believed to be tricky and cunning – but this paper plate fox is just simply cute!

We just love paper plate crafts as they are fun for the whole family!

Fun Paper Plate Fox Crafts for Kids

Let’s make a paper plate fox!

This fox will be a lively one as it will twist and turn when wind hits it (even the slightest breeze!)

What you’ll need:

  • paper plate
  • some cardboard (cereal boxes and similar are perfect!)
  • scissors
  • brown and white color
  • black marker
  • glue
  • thread

Start by coloring the paper plate brown from both sides. Cut the head shape out of cardboard and draw in and color all the details.

Cut 4 legs – we made the front legs a bit shorter than the back ones. Leave (or color) the paws white and use the black marker to draw some claws.

Paper Plate Activities

Once the color on the paper plate dries cut it into a spiral. You can color the tip on the outside of the spiral white to get the tip of the foxes tail. Fold the last/middle spiral upwards (you’ll glue the head here).

Glue on the paws and the head. You can also glue the thread in between the head and the spiral or you can use duct tape later on.

Let it dry.

See fun and easy! If your kids love dogs you can also pass this one as a Shiba Inu paper plate craft ;).

Crafts for Kids Paper Plate Fox


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