Forest Animals Origami for Kids

Let’s take a walk into the forest and learn about the animals there by making these adorable and easy forest animals origami for kids!

We love making origami for kids, they are easy to make and fun to do!

Forest Animals Origami For Kids - A bunch of lovely easy to follow step by step instructions

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Forest Animals Origami for Kids

So let’s start! We’ve done each and every one of these and loved all! The all have pretty easy to follow instructions and you’ll find projects that are suited for preschoolers, kids in kindergarten and older kids – as well as adults who are origami beginners.

You can do these with any kind of paper although I really, really recommend you use origami paper and you can even get a patterned origami paper which is beyond adorable!

Easy Origami Owl For Kids

Perfectly simple and fun looking origami owls for kids.

Origami For Kids Fox Tutorial

Foxes are our favorite woodland animals so making these origami foxes was super fun!

Woodland Animal Crafts Fox

If you’ve got an avid reader at your home (or want to encourage reading) do make these cute origami fox bookmarks.

Easy Hedgehog Origami For Kids


This is one seriously cute hedgehog origami!


Bunny Origami


Bunnies! We made this cute bunny couple following this easy origami bunny tutorial.


Bear Paper Folding


Let’s make a teddy bear! Follow these simple steps to make an origami bear.

Accordion Paper Snake Craft for Kids


Snakes lurk in the forest too! Make these accordion snakes crafts.

Make an Origami Reindeer


Deer is another lovely inhabitant of the woodland. Follow these instructions and make one (or 10ish if you’re in the Christmas mood)


Sweet Birds


Forrest would be a pretty dull place if if weren’t for the birds singing! Follow these instructions and make a flock of birds.




We should not forget the adorable squirrels!


Easy Forest Animals Origami For Kids



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