20+ Cute and Easy Origami for Kids

Let the folding fun begin! There is a whole bunch of amazing and easy origami for kids with step by step folding instructions waiting for you on this page. All of these origami tutorials are suitable for beginners and kids!

We are sure you are going to love each and every one of these paper folding designs featured as all of them are oh-so pretty! You can make them with origami paper or with plain printer paper, both work out really well.

Origami for Kids - A bunch of easy origami for kids tutorials with step by step instructions.

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A ton of ideas for easy origami for kids!

You can do these with any kind of paper although we do recommend you use origami paper for many of these paper folding ideas as they really shine when made with patterned paper. On top of the origami folding diagrams, we also have a ton of our own printable papers, which will make these simple origami even better.

Can’t wait to start folding? Neither can we – so let’s jump right into the folding waters.

1. Cootie Catchers – Chatterboxes

Origami Fortune Teller Shark Cootie Catcher

Some call them cootie catchers, others call them fortune tellers (and we are sure they have a few more names) – whatever the name the fun stays the same! These are one of the coolest origami for kids to make as once they are done with the folding, they can play with their puppet (these are super popular in kindergarten).

Grab the printable shark cootie catcher template and let the folding fun begin!

Love these? We’ve got more

Browse our fun cootie catcher designs.

2. Origami Bookmarks

DIY Origami Bookmarks

These origami corner bookmarks are a great project for beginners (of all ages as they are so fun to make). Once your kids fold the basic corner bookmark, they can decorate it and transform it into many different characters.

See the monster bookmarks folding instructions.

And here are a few more ideas for these

3. Bunny Origami for Kids

Origami Bunny Craft

These bunnies are insanely easy to fold and to make this one even more fun we also made a template origami sheet with a bunny face.

See the folding instructions for the origami bunny and grab the template here.

4. Paper Boats

Origami For Kids - Paper Boats

One of the most popular origami for kids – let them learn how to make paper boats. These are not only fun to make but they also float on water.

Learn how to make a paper boat.

5. Origami fish – Great origami for toddlers and preschool

Easy Step by Step Origami Fish - Origami for Kid

These are beyond cute, aren’t they? One of the easiest paper folding projects out there this one is great for the youngest kids that don’t yet have the necessary fine motor skills to tackle some of the other projects.

Check the folding instructions for origami fish.

6. Dog Face

Origami Dog Template

We’ve even prepared a printable template for this one so it’s easier to fold it than ever.

See the step by step tutorial for making an origami dog face

7. Origami Tulips (with the stem!)

Origami Tulip Printable Diagram

If you want to make an origami flower, starting with a tulip is the way to go! The blossom is perfect for beginners and the stem isn’t hard to do either.

See the step by step tulip folding tutorial and print the diagram

8. Foxes

Fox Origami - Easy Origami for Kids

Who loves folding foxes?

We have an easy to follow step by step fox folding instructions ready for you here.

9. Jumping Frogs

Origami for Kids - Frogs

A childhood favorite project – paper frogs that jump when you press on them. Super fun!

See how to make an origami frog that jumps!

10. Lucky Stars

How to Make Origami Lucky Stars

You can easily get addicted to folding these, they might feel challenging when you start, but with each star made (and they are quick to make) things become easier.

See how to make them here.

Origami Cat

If your kids are cat persons (as I am hehehehe) they will love folding these paper cats.

Transforming Stars

This one will be loved by all the little ninjas around the world – a transforming star!

See the instructions here. What do We do All Day

Easy Origami Frogs

And here is another version of these little jumping cooties!

See how to fold a paper frog! It’s Always Autumn

Folded Swan

This swan is jet another great origami for beginners – easy to fold and looks pretty!

See the folding instructions. Red Ted Art

Origami Bunnies

Hop, hop goes the bunny! Your kids will love making this fluffy animal and you can even top this project with a pom pom for a tail.

See the origami bunny folding instructions. Tinkerlab

Origami Butterflies

Hear them flutter!

Learn how to make origami butterflies. Red Ted Art

Snake Crafts for Kids

Not technically an origami but this little snake craft will give the little hands a decent warm-up on folding.

Learn how to make accordion snakes.

Paper Craft Elephant

Love elephants? Fold one!

Check out the folding instructions to make an elephant! Hodge Podge Craft

Paper Cubes

How about a bunch of colorful cubes?

Make origami cubes! Origami Mommy

Blinking Eye

This one can be adorable or a bit creepy (in a fun artistic way that is!)

See how to make a blinking eye! Kids Activities Blog

Bear Paper Folding

You can easily make an awesome looking bear too!

See how to make one! All for the Boys

Origami rings? Oh yes!

Folded Paper Rings

Honestly, what’s more fancy than your own paper folded jewelry? You won’t be able to stop making these!

See how to make fancy rings. ZakkaLife

Folded Hearts

These are really great around Valentine’s day but there’s nothing stopping you from making them all year round!

See how to make hearts. The Connection We Share

Sweet Birds

How about making a few of these cute birdies?

See the instructions. Red Ted Art

Fun Paper Folded Faces

Can’t you just see a bunch of folded human faces your kids are going to make? These really look great, don’t they?

See the folded paper faces instructions. Pink Stripey Socks

Folded Mushrooms

You could make a whole fairy village with these!

See the origami mushroom instructions. Krokotak

There are many fish in the sea… And your kids can make as many as they want!

Follow these simple origami fish instructions.  Childhood 101

Easy Origami for Kids

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