Worm in Apple Paper Craft

In need of some back-to-school material? Your kids are going to love making the Worm in Apple Paper Craft.

It’s super easy to make and fun throughout the whole year. Kids can open and close a tiny part of an apple to see the hidden worm.

Worm in Apple Paper Craft

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We know that you’ll join us in crafting different Crafts for Kids (check out our Back to School Agamograph Template, and make your Printable Fall Quiet Book).

Today’s craft is a contagious one – a tiny worm peeking out of an apple; а supper silly and a super amusing craft to share with friends, huh?

And after you’re done, you can print out and color the Fruit Coloring Pages too.

DIY Worm and Apple Paper Craft

When we see it, it brings smiles to our faces.

And we can’t stop playing with it.

Apple with Worm Paper Craft

It is not fun to find a moving worm inside a real apple, but it is super fun when we turn that into a craft.

What do you say?

DIY Worm in Apple Paper Craft

So let’s go.

Have you already grabbed your tools?

Worm in an Apple Paper Craft

How to Make a Worm in Apple Paper Craft

What you need: 

  • red cardstock or red color paper
  • pale orange cardstock or pale orange color paper
  • split pin
  • neon pink color paper
  • pale pink color paper
  • white paper
  • black liner
  • brown cardstock or brown color paper
  • glue
  • circle puncher
  • circle object (we used a small glass)
  • ruler with circle shapes
  • pencil
  • scissors

Materials Used

Step by Step Tutorial 

On the red cardstock, draw an apple shape.

Step 01

Cut it out.

Step 02
Draw an apple stem on the brown cardstock.

Step 03

Cut it out.

Step 04
Glue the stem on the apple.

Step 05
Take the circle object and trace two circles – one on the red cardstock and one on the pale orange cardstock.

Step 06
Cut the circles out.

Step 07
Punch a circle on the left side of the apple.

Step 08
Apply some glue on the backside of the apple, on the edges of the hole.

Do not apply glue to the bottom part of the hole. Leave that space glue-free.

Step 08-1

Glue the pale orange circle on the back of the apple. 

Step 09

Push a split pin through the red circle and then through the apple as well. Now split the ends of the pin.

Step 010

Make sure the red circle covers the hole completely.

Step 010-1

The backside of the apple should look like this.

Step 010-2

Check if the mechanism works.

Step 011
Draw some pink circles both on the neon pink color paper and on the pale pink color paper.

Step 012
Cut them out.

Step 013
To make the worm, arrange and glue these circles together as shown.

Step 014

Your worm is almost done.

Step 014-1
Draw two tiny eyes and cut them out.

We really like using googly eyes for the worm, but they interrupt the mechanism. So we go with flat eyes.

Step 015-1

Glue the eyes on the worm’s head.

Step 016
Put some glue on the backside of the worm and glue the worm inside the apple.

Step 017

All done!

Apple Worm Paper Craft

We hope you enjoyed making this craft and hope it brought you many laughs.

Apple and Worm Craft
See you soon with new projects.

DIY Apple and Worm Paper Craft

Stay tuned!

Worm in Apple Paper Craft Idea

Get your Worm in Apple Paper Craft Template Here

Worm in Apple Paper Craft

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