Twist and Pop Fathers Day Card

Threat the dad of the house with an amazing Father’s day card. This Twist and Pop Fathers Day Card is made to impress. 

The simple to make twist and pop mechanism will take care of the wow factor, as this card doesn’t just “pop up” it also twists. 

Twist and Pop Fathers Day Card Craft for Kids

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We love sharing Father’s day craft ideas and are happy to see this holiday is becoming more popular each year.

Good fathers deserve some recognition and a lovely card can do the trick.

When closed, it looks just like a normal Father’s day card.

As you open it up, the twist and pop mechanism goes into action.

Resulting in a Heart DAD sign to magnificently pop out.

Pretty cool right?

How to Make a Twist and Pop Fathers Day Card

What you need:

  • card template
  • cardstock (two colors – white and in color)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • coloring supplies
  • patterned paper (optional)

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the template. We recommend you print the card base and mechanism on colored cardstock (we choose blue).

We created two templates for this craft, one for home use (all pieces and instructions on 2 sheets) and one for classroom use (same pieces on one sheet of paper for easier printing for larger groups). In this tutorial we are showing the home version.

Color in the heart and letters. You can also decorate the background.

Cut out all the template pieces.

Fold the card (largest rectangle) in half along the dashed lines (with the two triangles on the inside of the card).

Next, fold the sign, the rectangle with 4 parallel dashed lines, along all 4 parallel lines.

This is the shape you should be seeing.

Next fold along all the dashed lines on the twist and pop mechanism (make the folds crisp).

Now comes the tricky part (it just feels tricky, you will see it’s really easy once you give it a go). 

We have to make the twist and pop mechanism. 

Place the rectangle on the table. With one finger / hand hold the paper in place on the table (either by having your hand / finger on the middle of the paper or slightly on the right). Grab hold of the left side, on the fold and bring the fold (pinching it together), down (as shown on the image bellow). It sounds difficult, but as you already made the folds beforehand, this will be an effortless step.

Repeat with the right side.

Apply glue on the twist and pop mechanism (on the triangle that has formed) .

And stick it inside the card base (on the area marked with a triangle).

Apply glue on the triangle again.

…and close the card. Press it down and wait for the glue to set.

While you wait for the glue to set completely, you can make the sign. 

Stick the heart and the letter on the sign.

Open up the card.

Apply glue on the top right corner and bottom left corner of the twist and pop mechanism.

Glue on the sign.

Time to decorate the card. Trace the rectangles on patterned paper.

You can also trace them on white paper and draw something.

The smaller rectangles go inside the card.

And the larger two on the outside.

Secure with paper clip or ribbon and you are done. Congratulations, you have made your Twist and Pop Fathers Day Card.

Twist and Pop Fathers Day Craft for Kids

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