Twist and Pop Mother’s Day Card

Let’s take pop up cards to a new level – we are going to show you how to make a twist and pop Mothers day card!

It might look like it’s a tricky card to make but reality is it’s easy peasy and your kids will make them in no time.

Twist and Pop Mothers Day Card for Kids

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If you want the kids to make a Mother’s day craft to remember, this twist and pop card is a winner.

You can grab the templates from our membership library which will make the project even easier (the instructions come with the PDF too so it’s a great classroom craft).

As you open up this card, the twisting mechanism inside will open up and pop out the ❤️ MOM sign (or anything else the kids write or draw),

Twist and Pop Mothers Day Card Craft for Kids

How to make Twist and Pop Mothers Day Card

What you need:

Step by step instructions

We prepared a couple different versions, one better suited for home use and one for classroom use. We are showing the home version.

Print the template, the page with card on the colored cardstock and the page with instructions ans a couple template parts on white (or other bright) cardstock.

Color the letters (and backgrounds if you wish).

Cut out the template parts (both sheets).

The card is ready to assemble.

Start by folding the largest of rectangles (the one with two triangles) in half. This will be the card base (the triangles should be on the inside).

Next, take the rectangle with 3 parallel dashed lines.

Fold along those dashed lines (w shape).

Fold along all dashed lines on the last rectangle. Make the folds crisp. Unfold.

Grab the ends, gently pinch them and start bringing them together, this might look tricky but it’s really easy.

This is what you should be seeing when you bring the ends together. You can watch the video to see this step clearly.

Now apply glue on the triangle part of the folded paper (one side only)…

…and stick it onto the card base (in the designated are marked with a triangle). Apply glue on the other side of the folded paper (on the triangle area).

And close up the card. Press down and wait for the glue to set.

Take the W folded paper and glue the ❤️ MOM on it.

Open up the card base (you’ll see a cross shape). Apply glue on the areas marked with the word glue (see image bellow). If you don’t see the words glue – help yourselw with the image bellow.

Let’s Make it Pop

Stick the W folded paper on the card. Set aside for the glue to set.

Trace the two rectangle shapes on scrapbook paper (both of them 2 times).

Decorate the card with them.

Larger one goes on the outside.

All done!

Twist and Pop Mothers Day Card

Open up the Twist and Pop Mothers Day Card….

Twist and Pop Mothers Day Card Idea

…and watch the sign pop up!

Twist and Pop Mothers Day Card Idea for Kids

Get the Twist and Pop Mothers Day Card Template


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