Tea Cups and Lighthouse Coloring Pages

Care for a cup of tea? Or a nice view from the lighthouse? Print these Tea Cups and Lighthouse coloring pages for grown ups and wander away!

So grab your coloring pens or markers, get somewhere where you won’t be disturbed, put on your favorite music and relax with these!

Tea Cups and Lighthouse Coloring Pages for big kids and adults!

These lovely coloring pages were created by Sharon Wilson, the author of  Simply PenTangled and I am delighted to have a chance to share them with you on my blog (who doesn’t like sneak peaks of books right?).

The tea cup enchanted me as my mother is an avid collector of these (she has a ton, a TON) and I actually went to the store to buy a golden marker just to color some details on these (as most of her antique cups have gold lining) – to bad the gold color isn’t really seen on the picture as it looks amazing.

Get Tea Cups: Simply Pen Tangled Sample Page 1

Get Lighthouse: Simply Pen Tangled Sample Page 2

Simply Pentangled

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Coloring Book

These two lovely coloring pages are part of the Simply Pentangled coloring book by Sharon Wilson, where you’ll find a whole bunch of amazing designs to color.

Lighthouse and Tea Cups Coloring Pages for Adults

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  1. Thanks for the prints, I just started coloring these types and have ordered a book for adults. I loved coloring as a kid and still love it but have tired of traditional coloring books. I look forward to these new projects. Thank you again.

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