Talking Fish Paper Craft

Time to get silly with this Talking Fish Paper Craft. While this isn’t the easiest of fish crafts, or the easiest origami the end result is worth the trouble. I mean, you’ll make a talking fish!

Talking Fish Paper Craft


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You probably know Nemo and Dory.

They are such wonderful fish friends, right? And have you played the Feeding Frenzy game?

It is definitely our favorite fish game so far.

Give it a try!

Talking Fish Paper Craft for Kids

We decided to spread our love for fish and make a really cool fish project today.

Talking Fish Paper Craft for Kids

It is an origami fish, but not an ordinary one.

This fish can talk.

Talking Fish Paper Craft for Kids to Make

We have so much fun playing with it. It is a great toy to have around when you are bored.

A talking fish, woo-hoo! What can be cooler than that?

Talking Fish Paper Craft for Kids

How to Make a Talking Fish Paper Craft

What you need:

  • A4 paper sheet
  • 2 googly eyes
  • scissors
  • glue
  • white acrylic color and a cotton bud (if you want to add dots on the paper fish)

Materials Used

Let’s start!

Step by Step Instructions

Fold a square and cut the excess paper using scissors.

Step 1

Fold the triangle in half.

Follow the pictures provided carefully!

Step 2-1

Fold the triangle in two equal parts, a triangle one and a rectangle one.

Step 4
Open the folds and fold the rectangle part again.

Step 5

Fold a triangle out of the rectangle part.

Step 6

Fold a small triangle on the same side …

Step 7

… and open it.

Step 7-2
Fold a small long triangle.

Step 8

Fold a tiny triangle at the corner.

Step 9

Open the folded paper. Now we will start assembling the fish.

Step 10

Fold two opposite triangle corners. 

Step 11-1

Fold two longer triangles on each side.

Step 11-2
Pop out a small triangle in the middle …

Step 12

… by folding the middle part inside.

Step 12-1

It should look like this.

Step 12-2

Crease the square in the middle.

Step 13

Take the two opposite sides which don’t have any folds and start pushing them close to one another, so the square is pressed inside.

Step 14

Notice how the paper should look by now. 

Step 15

See if you have properly folded everything.

Step 16

Fold a long triangle.

Step 17

Fold a long triangle on the opposite side too. Now we have two tail parts.

Step 18
Open the square that we pressed inside.

Step 19
Fold the two tail parts inside the square …

Step 20

… as shown in the picture.

Step 20-1

Like this.

Step 20-2
Apply some glue in between them and press the parts together with your fingers until the glue dries.

Step 21

And hold it firmly.

Step 21-1

Put some glue on the googly eyes and glue them on the head.

Step 22

Open the 3D fish and make it talk.

Step 23

All done!


You can follow the video provided if you have any difficulties assembling this project.

Final Step

Go show this talking fish to your parents.

Talking Fish Paper Craft for Kids

Is this fish fun to have around the house?

Talking Fish Paper Craft for Kids to Make

Happy crafting and stay tuned for more fish crafts!

Talking Fish Summer Paper Craft Idea

Project contributed by Ema.

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