Clothespin Snowman Craft for Kids to Make

Clothespin Snowman Craft

If you think your clothespins look boring, why not give them a quirky makeover? This clothespin snowman craft is super cute and these little fellows will look great pretty much everywhere, holding your favorite notes, holding gift tags and more. We’ll be using these in the office during winter months to help us keep up with … Read more

Simple Paper Snowman Craft

Simple Paper Snowman Craft for Kids

There’s nothing better than a clever and quick craft and this simple paper snowman craft is just that. Perfect little classroom project for winter months that can easily be turned into decoration. Simple Paper Snowman Craft What you need white paper scissors buttons (pom poms or paper will do just nicely too, or just use … Read more

Snowman Crafts Challenge

Snowman Crafts for Kids

Who would love to make a snowman craft? I’m always up for that! We do monthly craft challenges with some of the most amazing crafty ladies out there and this month it was all about snowman crafts! So grab your craft supplies and get ready to make some cute snowmen, all of these are super … Read more

Paper Snowman Craft

Simple Snowman Craft Paper Crafts for Kids

Time for jet another snowman! I’ve made a fun paper snowman craft, fun to make and fun to bounce around (think a bunch of these would also make a lovely garland). We love paper crafts, you don’t need a lot of materials and the things you can make… Endless possibilities! Paper Snowman Craft What you … Read more

Fingerprint Snowmen Ornaments – Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Kid Made Ornaments Fingerprint Snowmen Ornaments

Still missing that one special ornament to hang on your Christmas tree? Make these sweet fingerprint snowmen ornaments. We already did the paper snowman ornament a few days ago, but snowmen are just so much fun. Kid made Christmas ornaments can be such a wonderful Christmas tradition, they can make a new one each year … Read more