Garlic Herb Butter Rosette Bread

Garlic Butter Pull Appart Bread

This garlic herb butter rosette bread is made to impress! You can make it from scratch from your favorite bread recipe or you can use a short cut and use some frozen bread dough. This bread will become your signature dish for all the holidays, delicious and most importantly, super easy to make. Garlic Herb … Read more

Super Easy Leaf Cookies

Leaf Sugar Cookies

Yup, we’re saying goodbye to summer and although I will miss the sun I certainly won’t miss the heat! That said let’s welcome the fall with these super easy leaf cookies – you’ll love how easy these are to make and how impressive they look (blessed be the pretty cookie cutters!!!). This post contains affiliate … Read more

Beet Risotto Recipe

Beet Risotto

I love risotto! I could eat it every day and one of my favorites is beet risotto hands down. My better half on the other hand doesn’t think a meat-less risotto can be a main dish – this resulting in this delicious goodie being paired with grilled chicken (matches up perfectly). What you need (serves … Read more