Printable Alphabet Quiet Book

Alphabet Activity Book

With this printable alphabet quiet book your kids will know their ABC’s in no time.  Our beginning sounds busy book will have your kids matching pictures to their silhouettes as well as matching them to their beginning sounds. *this post contains affiliate links* Mastering the alphabet and beginning sounds is one of the basic skills … Read more

Printable Spring Quiet Book – Activity Book for Pre-K and K

Printable Spring Activity Book

This printable spring quiet book is great for your preschool or kindergarten aged kids as it focuses on a set of basic skills. It can be either used in the classroom or in your home and as it’s an interactive learning book it’s fun for the kids. *this post contains affiliate links* Nothing is better … Read more

Printable Fall Quiet Book – Activity Book for Pre-K and K

Printable Fall Quiet Book for Kids

Your preschooler or kindergartener will master all the basic skills with this fun interactive printable fall quiet book! This printable fall activity book is perfect to use in the classroom or at your home, just laminate it and use it over and over again! *this post contains affiliate links* Learning through play or fun printable … Read more

Printable Alphabet Spinners

Alphabet Spinners

Help the kids master the alphabet with this printable alphabet spinners. Practice the ABC’s or beginning letters with cute images kids will uncover as they spin the wheel. You can make these for your classroom or have the kids make their own if they have the fine motor skills required for this one. *this post … Read more

Easy Peasy Alphabet Coloring Book – ABC Coloring Pages

Easy Peasy Alphabet Coloring Book

We’re excited to be this new alphabet coloring book with you – Easy Peasy Alphabet Coloring Book is here to help your kids master the ABC’s by coloring their way from A to Z. We invite you to take a sneak peak at some of the pages from this coloring book. *this post contains affiliate … Read more