Shark Paper Hand Puppet

Shark time! Turn you hands into fierce sharks by making a ferocious sharp paper hand puppet!

This paper toy is such a fun one, it’s always cool to make your own toys don’t you think?Shark Paper Hand Puppet Craft for Kids to Make

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Are you a fan of shark week? We think, while we are also fans of shark week, that these sea dwellers should be in the spotlight all year round.

They are after all magnificent (and slightly terrifying) animals that have been swimming in the sea for ages.

Hand puppets have been on our menu for ages as these were one of my favorite things to make when I was a kid. I loved all kinds of pretend play and playing out all sorts of scenarios with puppets was seriously the best.

I had a wide assortment of animals and other creatures made and while in my memory they look as awesome and bright as this shark, I am pretty sure they were kind of weird looking and am pretty sure that outsiders would never tell the difference between my cat and my monkey hand puppet. But that did not matter. That does not matter. What matters is the process, the fun and the memory making (obviously as I still remember them).

But let’s return to our shark craft idea shall we?

Just follow the simple instructions and make your shark paper craft in no time!

Cute Shark Paper Hand Puppet Craft

Shark Paper Hand Puppet

What you need:

  • 2 sheets of blue paper
  • white paper
  • red paper
  • wiggle eye stickers (or you can use white paper and black marker)
  • scissors
  • glue

If you would like to see a template for this craft do let us know in the comments section.

Watch the Shark Paper Hand Puppet Video Tutorial

Or Follow these Step by Step Instructions

Fold a sheet of paper at about a third (no need to be super precise).

Crease well.


Apply glue on the edge of the folded part.

Be generous.

Stick glue works out best here as it doesn’t wet the paper.


Fold the paper from the other side, just enough for the paper to cover the glue.

Crease well.

Press down for the glue to set.


You should be seeing a tunnel like the one on the image bellow.


Fold the paper tunnel in half.

Crease well.


Take one half and fold it in half again.

Turn around and fold the other side too.


If you look at it from the side, you should see the letter M shape.

Cut the mouth out of red paper.

The mouth need to be thinner than the blue body of the shark.

The length of the red shape needs to be less than half of the length of the blue paper.

Lets decorate this hand puppet!

Place the blue paper on the white paper.

Trace the width.

Also mark the length (the lenght is about half the blue paper again).

Now place the red mouth piece inside the outlined rectangle – roughly in the center.

Trace it with a pencil.

Now cut the teeth!

While cutting keep your teeth between the rectangle outline (tips of teeth) and mouth shape (base of teeth).

Make them look fierce.

Glue the teeth in the middle of the blue paper.

They must stay between the outer folds.

Glue the red mouth part on top of teeth.

Cut fins out of blue paper and glue them to the soon to be shark puppet.

Add two eyes.

Either use wiggle eye stickers, goggly eyes or draw your own.

Cut dorsal fin out of blue paper.

You will need to cut two dorsal fins, glue them together on top, leaving the bottom without glue.

Fold the bottom and glue it on the shark.

Your shark paper hand puppet is ready to take a bite at pretend play.

Adorable Shark Paper Hand Puppet Craft for Kids to Make


Shark Paper Hand Puppet Craft

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