Seashell Pop Up Paper Craft

Have you ever found a beautiful seashell on the shore and took it home? Well, with this special Seashell Pop Up Paper Craft, you can now keep a little bit of that summer vibe when you return from your vacation.

The pop-up shell template is quite simple to make and could also be a great gift for your loved ones.

Seashell Pop Up Paper Craft for Kids with Free Printable Template Included

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There are many kinds of seashells that you can find on the shore or underwater. Kids just love to explore the environment and always have their eyes open for adventure. With this printable template, the adventure can continue indoors as well.

Creating a seashell that pops out will be a pack of fun for the little crafters. The pull out mechanism will open the shell, where the nice big pearl with a pun will pop out.

The tutorial will guide you through all of the steps on how to make your own.

We designed two versions of the seashell paper craft. One is a black and white version, so your kids can color the seashell parts the way they want, or they can simply choose a pre-colored template.

You will find 3 shell-puns in it and you can easily add your own if you think up of any (we’d love to hear them).

The first one is a “Happy to sea you” pun. The other one is “Don’t be shellfish” and on the last one it says “You are pearl-fect”.

Ready to make one of your own? Let’s get crafty!

Seashell Pop Up Paper Craft for Kids

How to Make this Seashell Pop Up Paper Craft

What you need

  • one of the printable templates – choose between a printer-friendly and a colored version (you will find them at the end of the tutorial)
  • printer
  • paper (we used a thicker print paper)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • craft knife (adults only)

This seashell craft is best made with heavier print paper. You could also print the template on a regular paper and glue it on a thicker one later.

Watch The Video Tutorial


Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions on how to use our Seashell Pup Up Paper Craft Template

First choose one of the two templates and print it out.

If you chose a printer-friendly version, color all of the seashell parts with markers or crayons.
The cutting part can begin. Use your scissors and cut out all of the shell parts as shown in the image below.

We will start with the round circle-shaped seashell. Fold the paper along the dashed lines with your fingers or use a simple craft stick to get a better crease.

Now it’s time to use scissors once again. After folding the “rounded” seashell (in the previous step) you need to cut along the marked lines from the folded edge towards the outer part of the shell.
This way, you will create a crease, that will be the stem of the pop-up pearl and the caption.

The next part is the “adult only” step, where you need to use a sharp craft knife. Do an incision along the straight line on the pink shell to create a slit (the line is marked).
Continue by folding the “box”.

Use the craft knife once again and do another incision along the straight line.

Apply glue on the “flap” area, where it says glue.

Now put the ends together to create a box.

Continue with these Steps

It’s time to add a tongue to the seashell. Put some glue on the tongue part, and paste it on the colored side (the area on the colored side is marked as a rectangle) of the shell as seen in the image below.

The next step is to put together the pink and the brown (semi-circle shaped) seashell piece. You will need to apply some glue to the half of the “round seashell” part (onto the part without the incision).
Since the pop up stem has to remain flexible, be sure not to put any glue on it.

After you’ve managed to glue the parts together connect the box part with the shell and pull out the tongue through the slit of the shell.

Take the smallest part of the shell and apply glue to the marked area.
You could also glue this part 3 steps before – the method is shown in the video (when you glued the tongue to the semi-circle seashell part).

Slide it inside of the box and glue it in.

All you have to do now is to add the decorations.
Open the shell by pulling its tongue and glue the pearl and the captions onto the stem.

To close the seashell, use the upper part of the shell  (the smallest piece that you’ve glued in the previous step).


Cute Seashell Pop Up Paper Craft

Seashell Pop Up Paper Craft for Kids to Make


Get the Seashell Pop Up Paper Craft Template Here

Click here to save or print the black and white version –> Seashell Pop Up Paper Craft (B&W)

Click here to save or print the colored version –> Seashell Pop Up Paper Craft (Colored)

Made your own? We’d love to see it -if you share your photos on Instagram do tag us @easypeasyandfun or use a #easypeasyandfun

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