Rudolph Reindeer Gift Craft

If you’re wondering what project you should try next, we have a wonderful Rudolph Reindeer Gift Craft for your young ones to make.

It is fun and easy to make, and we think it will look great as a Christmas decoration too.

Rudolph Reindeer Gift Craft

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Making reindeers or making Christmas Projects that include reindeer always brings us so much joy and excitement.

Your kids can try out their skills and learn how to draw their Rudolph independently with our How to Draw a Deer tutorial. Color the deer’s nose red.

And what we are more excited about is that today we thought of a way to hide our reindeer inside a Christmas box and let it peek out when we like.

Paper Reindeer Gift Craft

You can use this tiny box as an ornament for your Christmas tree, or you can write a Christmas note on the back of it and gift it to anyone you want.

So guys, if you are up for making a Christmas box with a reindeer inside, let’s start!

DIY Rudolph Reindeer Gift Craft

How to Make a Rudolph Reindeer Gift Craft

What you need:

  • red cardstock
  • pink cardstock (or pink color paper)
  • brown cardstock
  • yarn
  • split pin
  • scissors
  • glue
  • ruler
  • googly eyes
  • pencil (and an eraser to erase the pencil marks)
  • black marker
  • white marker
  • hot glue (+a hot glue gun)
  • circle puncher
  • compass

Step by Step Tutorial

The Gift Box

On the red cardstock, draw a 6 x 6 cm square (the box) and a 7  x 2 cm rectangle (the lid).

Step 1
Cut them out using scissors.

Step 2
Outline them with the black marker.

Step 3
Glue the lid on top of the box.

Step 4

The Moving Mechanism

Take the circle puncher and punch out a circle (our puncher has a 3,8 cm diameter) in the middle of the box.

Step 5
Take the compass and draw a circle with a 4,5 cm diameter.

Step 6
Cut the circle out using scissors.

Step 7
Cover the box hole with the circle and connect them with a split pin on the left side.

Step 8

Check if the mechanism works correctly – the circle should cover the hole entirely and move freely.

Step 8-1

The Rudolph Background

On the pink cardstock, draw a 5 x 6 cm rectangle.

Step 9

Cut it out.

Step 9-1
Glue this rectangle on the back of the box as shown. Leave the bottom part of this rectangle glue-free.

Step 10

We will apply glue to it later; we need to place the reindeer in first.

Step 10-1

Rudolph the Reindeer

On the brown cardstock, draw a reindeer’s head and a reindeer’s body (in the form of the letter D).

Step 11
Cut them out using scissors.

Step 12
Outline the head only with the black marker and add a tiny dot as a mouth.

Step 13
Cut out one small red circle and glue it on the reindeer as a nose.

Step 14
Take the googly eyes and attach them to the reindeer’s head.

Step 15
Glue the reindeer’s head on the reindeer’s body as shown.

Step 16
Glue the reindeer inside the box.

Step 17
Now apply some glue on the bottom part of the pink cardstock and glue it to the box altogether.

Step 18

The Candy Cane

On the red cardstock, draw a Christmas candy cane shape and cut it out.

Step 19

Draw white diagonal stripes on the candy cane.

Step 19-1

Then outline the candy with a black marker.

Step 19-2
Glue the candy cane at the front of the box, in the center of the red circle.

Step 20

The Gift Box Decoration

Take the white marker and decorate the Christmas box with dots.

Step 21
Take the yarn and make a tiny bow.

Step 22
Glue the bow on top of the lid using some hot glue.

Step 23-1

Wait a few seconds for the glue to set.

Step 23-2

All done!

Step 23-3

We love how our Rudolph the Reindeer gift craft turned out.

DIY Reindeer Gift Craft

You can make as many as you want in different colors.

Reindeer Gift Craft

Have fun crafting.

Rudolph Reindeer Gift Craft Idea

Get Your Rudolph Reindeer Gift Craft Template Here

Rudolph the Reindeer Gift Craft

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