Reindeer Paper Toy

Love Christmas and all the crafts that come with it? Create a reindeer paper toy these holidays that can be used as a Xmas tree ornament or as a neat surprise gift box.

Paper Reindeer Box Craft

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DIY Rudolph the Reineeer Paper Box Craft

The holidays are approaching, and we enjoy making Christmas Crafts (check out our Movable Paper Doll Christmas Photo Craft and make your own Christmas Pop Up Cards).

DIY Reindeer Box Christmas Craft

We do this each year, and the same old warmth and excitement and happiness strike out – it never gets boring, you know.

DIY Paper Reindeer Christmas Craft

For this Christmas, we wanted to share these adorable reindeer paper toys with you. So you can put them under the Christmas tree – a whole gang of them.

You will make everyone’s day bright and jolly.

Paper Reindeer Box Xmas Craft
So, who wants a homemade surprise box for Christmas?

Let’s go!

How to Make Reindeer Paper Toy

What you need:

  • brown cardstock (textured)
  • brown cardstock (smooth)
  • red color paper (or a red pom-pom)
  • white cardstock
  • black liner
  • scissors
  • glue
  • ruler with circle shapes

Materials Used

Step by Step Tutorial

Trace or print out the box pattern you will need for the project.

Step 1
Draw the same box pattern on the brown (textured) cardstock.

Step 2
Cut it out using scissors.

Step 3
Crease the paper where the lines are.

Step 4
Apply some glue ONLY on the parallel folded parts you see in this picture (three of my fingers pressing the folds and the glue stick show you where to apply the glue).

Step 5
Assemble the box and wait until the glue is set.

Step 6

Close the box.

Step 7

Take the smooth brown cardstock and draw two antlers.

Step 8
Cut them out using scissors.

Step 9
Make a fold on each antler.

Step 10
Apply some glue on the antlers and glue them on the box (glue one on the left and one on the right side of the box).

Step 11
Draw two circle eyes and cut out the eyes using scissors.

Step 13
Glue the eyes on the box.

Step 14
Take a piece of red color paper and form a small ball.

That would be the nose of the reindeer. You can even use a red pom-pom for the nose instead of a piece of paper.

Step 15
Apply some glue on the red nose and glue it in the middle of the box, between the eyes.

Step 16
This is how our reindeer should look like. Now you can either put some treats inside the box or a Christmas message.

Step 17

We like to put treats inside it.

DIY Paper Reindeer Craft
All done – this was an easy-peasy one!

DIY Paper Reindeer Box Craft


DIY Paper Reindeer Christmas Box Craft

Happy crafting!

Paper Reindeer Box Craft Idea

Get your Paper Reindeer Box Craft Printable Template here.

Reindeer Paper Toy

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