Rainbow Coloring Pages – 30 Printable Coloring Pages

This set of printable rainbow coloring pages is the perfect excuse to use, well, all the colors of the rainbow when coloring. Your kids will love to color these, from the supper simple ones to more detailed ones with a landscape, you will find it all.

These coloring pages are also great for kids to learn the order of colors in a rainbow.

Rainbow Coloring Pages

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Printable Rainbow Coloring Pages

We have a ton of rainbow themed coloring pages but if you want even more, do check out our set of Spring Coloring Pages. Still not enough? We’ve got hundreds more Coloring Pages for the Whole Family.

But let’s get back to this colorful weather phenomenon.

Free Printable Rainbow Coloring Pages

We prepared a massive set of Rainbow Coloring Pages for your kids to enjoy!

You can print ten free rainbow coloring pages or if you have our membership you can print the entire 31 Rainbow Coloring Pages set.

Happy Cloud

Rainbow Cloud

Have you ever seen a rainbow with clouds under it and imagined the clouds holding the rainbow with their puffy “hands”? We sure have! Have your kids color this smiling cloud holding the rainbow.

Easy Rainbow Coloring Page

Color the Rainbow

Have the young ones grab those coloring supplies from their drawers to color this rainbow coloring page. It’s super easy and fun to color! This rainbow coloring page is perfect for toddlers.

Smiling Cloud and Rainbow

Smiling Cloud and Rainbow Coloring Page

Here is another great page that offers opportunities for colorful creativity. Have children color the clouds in any shade they desire (they can leave the clouds white as they already are) and experiment with different colors of the rainbow.

Two Rainbow Clouds

Rainbow Happiness

Fly across the sky with our rainbow coloring page that features two smiling clouds. While your kids color, you can talk with them about how and why rainbows are formed.

R is For Rainbow Coloring Page

Letter R Rainbow Coloring Sheet

If your kids are learning their ABCs and are already at the letter “R,” this rainbow coloring sheet will help them master it. They can use whatever colors they want to make the rainbow and the letters pop out.

Rainbow Garden

House and Rainbow Coloring Page

Color the wonderful scenic image of a cozy house, pine trees far behind, a big tree, and a massive rainbow in the sky. Have your kids run their imaginations wild as they color the whole page.

Rainbow Joy

Rainbow Clouds Coloring Page

Imagine you are outdoors, and a fluffy white cloud approaches you. It is not an ordinary cloud, but a cloud with a rainbow coming out of its mouth! Have your kids color this fantastic, easy-to-color sheet with their favorite coloring supplies.

Rainbow Valley

Rainbow Valley Coloring Sheet

Have children grab their favorite markers and color this simple rainbow design. They can use bright colors to make the rainbow stand out or soft pastel shades to create a more serene effect. Kids can even draw stars in the sky above or a bird flying nearby.

Letter R Rainbow Coloring Page

Color the Rainbow

The 18th letter of the alphabet is the letter R, and we have a unique coloring page for this letter. Our rainbow coloring sheet includes a smiling cloud, the caption “rainbow,” and a capital and lowercase letter R. Have your kids color every element on the image.

Smiling Clouds and Rainbow

Cloudy Happiness and Rainbow

We usually see all kinds of faces in the clouds we look at. Don’t you? Have your kids grab their best coloring supplies and color these two cloudy friends with smiling faces, a rainbow, and some stars!

Member Rainbow Coloring Pages

Our Rainbow Coloring Pages have so many more designs to offer.

Peek at the rest of the Rainbow Coloring Pages that await you in the whole set.

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Beautiful Rainbow Coloring Page

Rainbow Day

There are no rules for coloring, even if you’re working on a rainbow. Kids can color each rainbow band however they wish.

Clouds Over the Rainbow

Happy Clouds Above Rainbow Coloring Page

These two clouds look like they’re traveling through the whole rainbow arc. Have the young ones color this excellent rainbow coloring page with their favorite colored pencils.

Rainbow Magic Land

Rainbow and Trees Coloring Sheet

We love simple designs, and this rainbow that stretches throughout the valley will surely be great for preschoolers and kindergartners.

Beautiful Cloud

Rainbow and Cloud

Want to give your kids a coloring challenge? Have them color this rainbow coloring page that includes a rainbow, four different-sized clouds, and many stars.

Rainbow of Colors

Easy Rainbow Coloring Sheet

Another exciting coloring page features a beautiful rainbow and two fluffy clouds. Have kids color the whole page however they like!

Girl and Rainbow Coloring Sheet

Girl With a Rainbow

Have you ever been to the end of the rainbow? This little girl was privileged to hold the whole rainbow in her hands! The page will be handy on a rainy spring day or whenever your kids feel like using colored pencils.

R is for Rainbow Coloring Page

Rainbow Letter R Coloring Page

Practice spelling with our “R is for Rainbow” coloring sheet. Kids can color the rainbow and the letters with different colors. Have them color the background to the frame too!

Sunny Day

Rainbow Paradise Coloring Page

What a beautiful day a rainbow can make, especially if it is wide and long, stretching behind a hill or a mountain. Have your kids color this lovely coloring sheet and enjoy the springtime.

Floating Clouds

Surfing the Rainbow Skies

These clouds are floating in the sky so effortlessly. Have your children grab their best coloring supplies and color the rainbow and the stars above.

Rainbow Coloring

Big Rainbow Coloring Page

The letter R represents the rainbow. Interestingly, the rainbow consists of 7 colorful bands, which matches the number of letters in the term “rainbow.” Coloring is a great way to relax and unwind, so have your kids enjoy the beautiful world of colors!

Rainbow in the Clouds Coloring Page

Rainbow Skies

Get ready and print out this wonderful rainbow picture! Have your kids color the bands and create stunning art with their favorite colors.

Frog with Umbrella Coloring Page

Rainbow and Frog Coloring Sheet

Look at how this rainbow stretches across the page! Under it, there are three fluffy clouds, and on one of them, we have a happy little frog holding an umbrella. This is a perfect page for a spring day.

Sunshine and Rainbow

Sunny Day and Rainbow Coloring Page

We love when the sun’s ray gently touches our skin, and we love seeing a big rainbow! Use this coloring page with your youngest kids – it includes broad areas for coloring.

Rainbow Rays and Cloud

Rainbow for Coloring

It’s time to unleash your kids’ creativity once more. Have them choose their best colors to fill in the rainbow. Let them make each band as vibrant and bold as they wish. Don’t forget to color the big happy cloud!

Sleepy Mouse

Sleeping Mouse on the Rainbow

This unusual rainbow extends vertically – from the top to the bottom of the page. It is made of seven rainbow bands with two clouds on each side and a dreamy atmosphere with an adorable sleeping little mouse on one of the clouds. Have your kids add some colors to this enchanting scene!

Rainbow Magic

Rainbow Coloring Sheet for Kids

Our coloring page featuring the word “rainbow” spelled out in big lowercase letters includes rainbow bands stretching out from each letter! Kids can color the letters like the rainbow bands below each one to make them pop out.

Rainbow Joy

Fun Rainbow Coloring Page

The following coloring page will be great for the youngest kids, as it has vast areas for coloring and is cute. They can use red, orange, green, yellow, blue, indigo, and purple colors – but leave the decision to them.

Rainbow Colors

Rainbow with Sun and Clouds

Do your kids know what color the rainbow is? Have them experiment with their favorite crayons, colored pencils, markers, or other coloring supplies to make it look as colorful as possible!

Peaceful Scenery

Rainbow Scenery Coloring Page

Have you ever observed a rainbow and how the colors almost blend? This scenery won’t let anyone be indifferent. We’re sure it will bring joy to your kids with its breathtaking outlook.

Sunny Day Rainbow Adventure

Rainbow Fantasy Coloring Page

Have you ever tried to go to the place where the rainbow touches the ground? Have your kids unleash their imagination by coloring this beautiful countryside with a rainbow stretching from one hill to another.

Laughing Cloud

Laughing Cloud and Rainbow

This delightful coloring page features a happy cloud, a rainbow, and a set of twinkling stars. We’re sure it will bring joy and happiness to your young artists.

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