Printable Alphabet Spinners

Help the kids master the alphabet with this printable alphabet spinners. Practice the ABC’s or beginning letters with cute images kids will uncover as they spin the wheel.

You can make these for your classroom or have the kids make their own if they have the fine motor skills required for this one.

Printable Alphabet Spinners Interactive Alphabet Learning

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While worksheets can be great for learning the alphabet, hands on interactive activities are way better. This one is really easy to set up, and as there are 6 images for each of the letters of the alphabet there will be lots of practice to master the sounds. 25 letters feature beginning sounds of said letter, while letter x has 2 with x as beginning sounds and other with middle or last sounds.

Both color and black and white version are included – with black and white version, you can

Alphabet Spinners

Alphabet Spinners

How to Make our Printable Alphabet Spinners

What you need:

Optional: coloring supplies if you will print the black and white version

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the templates (heavier print paper or cardstock is recommended, you can also laminate the spinner).

We recommend printing the top parts (with big letters) on colored cardstock.

Cut out the spinner parts, for one spinner you will need the top with the big letter and bottom with 6 images and words).

Poke a hole in the middle. The hole needs to be smaller than the head of your brad (or simmilar).

Place the top over the bottom part, align them and push a brad through both holes.

Flip around, spread the brad legs apart.

All done! Your alphabet spinner is ready to be used by your kids.

Alphabet Spinners Printable Alphabet Learning Activity

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