Paper Strips Tree Christmas Card

If you have a lot of scrap paper and don’t know what to do with it this paper strips tree Christmas card is an answer to your crafting problem.

You can make the card in one color or use many colors, it will look wonderful in the end.

Paper Strips Tree Christmas Card for Kids

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This project is great as a recycled craft as you can use up scrap paper.

The cards will look amazing if you will be using newspaper too – you can leave it as is or you can have the kids paint it green (watercolors work great for these types of projects).

Paper Strips Tree Christmas Card Idea

How to Make a Paper Strips Tree Christmas Card

What you need:

  • card
  • scrap green paper
  • brown paper
  • contrasting paper for background (optional)
  • paper for star
  • glue
  • scissors

Step by Step Instructions

If you don’t have a blank card, making it is really easy.

Take a sheet of paper (construction paper letter sized or A4 sized) and fold it in half.

Cut along the fold to get two rectangles.

Each of those rectangles, when folded in half, makes a card.

If you want to make a contrasting base for your card, cut a rectangle that is a bit smaller than the card base – this way the edges of the card will show.

Cut a small brown rectangle that makes a tree stump.

Stick it on the bottom of the colored paper rectangle.

Start cutting or ripping green paper strips.

You can use one color or many different colors for this project.

Apply glue along the paper strip.

And stick it on the base,

Continue with other paper strips.

Just keep on adding them, trying to make a triangle shape.

Until you are happy with how your tree looks.

Add decorations, you can keep it simple as we did and just make a star…

..or you can also add ornaments…

Last but not least stick your creation on the card base.

All done.

Paper Strips Tree Christmas Card DIY

Your Paper Strips Tree Christmas Card is only missing a note.

Paper Strips Tree Christmas Card

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