Paper Strips Ladybug Valentines Day Craft

Surprise your friends and family with this adorable Ladybug Valentines Day Craft – the two ladybugs sitting on a heart-shaped leaf will make anyone’s day better.

This project is easy to make and there are a few simple steps to follow so you can have your ladybugs spin in no time.

Valentines Day Paper Strips Ladybug Craft

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DIY Valentines Day 3D Paper Ladybug

This time we assembled our ladybugs in a way that they can actually spin on the heart-shaped leaf.

Valentines Day Paper Ladybug

That brought us so much joy, hope it will bring you joy too.

How to Make 3D Valentines Day Paper Ladybug Craft


What you need:

  • red cardstock
  • pink cardstock
  • white marker
  • scissors
  • glue
  • circle puncher
  • black cardstock
  • googly eyes
  •  black liner
  • ruler with circle shapes
  • two split pins

Materials Used

Let’s start!

Step by Step Tutorial

Draw a freehand heart-shaped leaf. Use the white marker and the pink cardstock.

Step 1

Cut out the heart leaf using scissors.

Step 2

Punch out two red circles with your circle puncher.

Step 3

Push the split pins through the circles’ centers and then through the pink heart-shaped leaf.

Step 4

Split the ends of the pins so the circles stay attached to the leaf.

Step 5

The Ladybugs’ Bodies

Cut out eight 1 cm wide red strips. Choose the height you want for the strips. They will be used to form the ladybugs’ bodies.

Step 6

Fold the ends of each red stripe.

Step 7

Apply some glue on the folded parts and form an X shape on the red circles as shown in the picture.

Step 8

Glue the rest of the strips.

Step 9

Now decorate your heart leaf anyway you want to, but make sure to draw two small hearts on the pink leaf.

Step 10

Take the ruler with circle shapes and draw a few circles on the black cardstock.

Step 11

Cut out these circles.

Step 12

Attach the circles one by one on the red strips and on the top as shown in this picture.

Step 13

Make sure you leave two empty strip parts on each red body because we will glue the ladybugs’ heads there.

Step 14

The Ladybugs’ Heads

On the black cardstock, draw two ladybugs’ heads.

Step 15

Cut out the heads using scissors.

Step 16

Attach the googly eyes on the heads.

Step 17

Now glue the heads on the bodies where you left the empty strip parts.

Step 18

Look how adorable they are!

DIY 3D Ladybug Paper Craft

All finished!

3D V-Day Paper Ladybug Craft

Now have fun and make them spin in circles!

3D Valentines Day Paper Ladybug Craft Idea

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