Heart Animals Crafts – Valentines Heart Shaped Animals

If you need a fun Valentines day project to make with your kids, you just have to give this heart animals crafts a go. These heart shaped animals make the most wonderful DIY Valentines and are really easy to make.

Once you make one, you’ll just have to make a dozen of valentines animals.

Valentines Heart Shaped Animals Crafts for Kids

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How to Make Animals out of Heart Shapes

Grab a pair of scissors cut out hearts and glue ;). This all that you need to do. But fear now, we have quite a few step by step tutorials to guide you through the process of creation your heart animals. 

Heart Animals Valentines Day Crafts for Kids

Animal Valentines Ideas

We’ll be sharing quite a few fun ideas with you, and more are to come so make sure you come back and check them out.

Bee Made out of Heart Shapes

Heart Bee Craft Idea for Kids

You can make an entire bee using hearts only, although for better looks two rectangles for the antlers are cool too. You will need 2 yellow hearts and two black ones for the body, as well as 2 blue ones in the same size for the wings. Once you’ve got that covered all that is left are two small hearts for the antennae. 

See step by step tutorial here.

Dog Made out of Heart Shapes

Heart Dog Craft

This little dog is, as is the bee, made almost entirely out of hearts. You will need an oval/rectangle for the tongue but that one can easily be skipped. For a brown dog you’ll need a light brown heart, a smaller dark brown one and the smallest black one for the nose. Naturally you can make your dog in many other colors too.

Full tutorial on how to make heart shaped dog card.

Bear Made out of Heart Shapes

Heart Bear Craft for Kids

Who loves you beary much? This little on is just calling out for a fun little pun! You’ll need only 4 different hearts to make this one.

Check out full tutorial here.

Hearts Lion Craft

Heart Lion Craft for Kids

Step by step tutorial.

Only 3 different heart shapes are required to make a courageous lion.

Bunny Craft Made out of Heart Shapes

Heart Bunny Craft

Heart bunny card tutorial.

You can make this heart animal as a Valentines day craft or as an Easter one, either way it’s a fun project to make.

Ladybug Craft Made out of Heart Shapes

Heart Ladybug Craft

Heart shaped ladybug cards.

So many little hearts decorate these lovebugs. You can make them red, pink, purple or any other color really.

Chicken Craft Made out of Heart Shapes

Chicken Heart Craft Idea for Kids

See this tutorial here.

As with bunnies, these chicks are great to make for Valentines day as well as for Easter. 

Heart Animals Crafts for Kids

Heart Animals Valentines Day Cards for Kids

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