Paper Strips Frog Craft

Hop hop with this paper strips frog craft.

This little fellow is pretty easy to make and is is a great craft for kids to make during a lesson about frogs or frog life cycle.

Paper Strips Frog Craft *this post contains affiliate links*

If you are working on frog life cycle, this craft is a fun one to include. You can combine it with our frog life cycle agamograph, as well as our how to draw a frog tutorial. 

It’s a fun classsroom craft, make a ton of these and use them as decorations on your spring bulletin board.

How to Make Paper Strips Frog Craft

What you need:

  • Green and red card stock
  • Googly eyes
  • glue
  • Scissors 
  • Small cup

Step by Step Instructions

Start by tracing your cup onto your green card stock and cut out with scissors.


Cut out 8 1/2”x8” strips of green card stock (roughly).

 Fold the edges of the green strips in about 3/4” on both sides.

Glue the bottom of each end onto opposite sides of the circle – making an arch across the circle. 

Continue gluing each piece cross crossing across the one before until you use up all 8 pieces, making a paper dome.

Let’s make the eyes. Cut two taller half ovals, fold the flat side, glue one googly eye to the front of each oval and glue the folded edge onto the top of the frog. 

You can use wiggle eye stickers instead, or draw the eyes on white paper using a black marker and glue them on.

Cut out four feet and glue one to each bottom corner of the frog.

Cut out a 3” skinny red half oval, bend the flat side and glue to the frog of the frog.

You can also cut a large lily pad out of darker green construction paper and place your frog on top of it.

Paper Strips Frog Craft IdeaHappy crafting.

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