Snail Shell Snail Craft

We gather all kinds of cool nature materials when we go on a walk and this time we were on a hunt for snail shells to make this adorable snail shell snail craft.

You can fin these shells near woods, on meadows, fields (plowed fields can be full of them and quite a few are intact) and I’m sure you can even get them in online shops.

Snail Shell Snail Craft for Kids to Make

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The more of these you make the cooler they will look.

Snail Shell Snail Craft

What you need

  • snail sheels
  • model magic air dry clay white
  • gel pens, markers, paints…
  • wiggly eyes (this snail isn’t really anatomically correct so that it’s easy on the little hands)

If you’re fresh from the walk first thing to do is to rinse the shells as they probably have some dirt on them. Let them dry.

Our shells were pretty old so all of them were a nice pale color that made it easy to start working on them. If yours are not you can always coat them with a layer of white paint.

Start coloring and doodling. We’ve painted ours with paints, markers and metalic gel pens (the silver one looks fantastic on black).

Painting Snail Shells

Let the snail shells dry out while you work on the snail.

We used model magic air dry clay as it’s the softest one I’ve ever worked with (think marshmallow) so it’s really easy to work with. Sculpt the snail shape and press on the snail shell.

Sculpting the Snail Craft

Let it dry as per instructions of your air dry clay.

Stick on two googly eyes.

Snail Shell Craft

Snail Shell Snail Craft Creative Nature Craft

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