Paper Plate Snowman Craft – Winter Crafts for Kids

Let’s make a paper plate snowman craft! This one will shine and sparkle just like it would if it were made out of real snow.

Paper Plate Snowman Craft for Kids

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This one is perfect both as a Christmas craft or as a winter craft.

You can even staple together 2 or 3 paper plates and make the whole body; we’ll share more paper plate snowman ideas with you later on.

Paper Plate Snowman Craft

What you need to make your snowman

  • paper plates
  • medium sized black buttons
  • large pink buttons
  • white shimmer sugar or glitter
  • mod podge
  • puffy paint
  • paint brush
  • low temp glue gun kids can handle or regular white glue

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Materials for Snowman

Glue two black buttons towards the top middle of your paper plate for the eyes. 

Then, glue your two pink buttons below the eyes and to the side of the cheeks. Naturally, you can also paint these with pink and black paint – round sponge brushes do an excellent job.

Modge Podge

Paint your plate with Mod Podge and sprinkle your sugar or glitter onto the Mod Podge.

We do recommend using biodegradable glitter if the craft will be displayed, as we don’t want any bugs with sweet teeth visiting our project).

Decorating the snowman

Use black puffy paint to connect the two pick buttons with a wavy smile (you can also use a black marker to draw the smile, but you will have to do it before you use Mod Podge and sprinkles – this will also make the smile not so visible).

Alternatively, you could also use small black buttons. 

Next, draw on a carrot-shaped nose with your orange puffy paint and let your plate dry

Snowman Paper Plate Craft

Your paper plate snowman craft is done. Isn’t it adorable? We love the snow-like sparkle of this project.

More Paper Plate Snowman Craft Ideas

Using different-sized paper plates is great for making paper plate snowmen. Use a smaller paper plate for the head and a larger one for the body. You can glue them together or staple them together.

Use a ribbon to make a scarf. If you have an old winter hat that’s already served its purpose, it makes a great addition to this fun project.

Paper plate snowman craft

Your kids can also use paper plates as a canvas to make their snowman craft. Use blue paper plates or have the kids paint the paper plates with blue paint.

Cut out circles for the body of the snowman and stick them on the paper plate. Make the hat, twig arms, and carrot nose and draw other details.

Simple paper plate snowman craft

Older kids might want a little challenge, so why not have them make a snowman that can stand on its own? One way to make one is to use toilet paper rolls – flatten them a little so that they won’t roll around, make cuts, and slide the paper plate in.

Add a couple of pebbles inside the paper rolls to weigh them down. Secure the paper plates with glue. Stick “shoes” on the toilet paper rolls to cover up the holes.

Paper plate snowman craft

Another fun way to make a snowman craft is to use two paper plates in different sizes. Have the kids paint the larger one blue and decorate the smaller one as a snowman head.

Cute paper plate snowman craft

If your kids prefer being arty instead of making “regular” crafts, they can use the paper plate as a canvas to make their snowman crafts.

Snowman paper plate craft

More easy snowman crafts for kids

Paper Pate Snowman Craft

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