Paper Plate Snail Craft

This easy paper plate snail craft for kids is a ton of fun to make and kids can make it in any color they like. This is a great craft for kindergarten and preschool as it is simple to make.

It’s also perfect to make in the classroom as you don’t need many supplies at all – one paper plate makes one snail!

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This spring craft (great for summer, too) is perfect for improving scissor skills and fine motor skills of your kids. And it’s so pretty to make.

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Cute Paper Plate Snail

How to Make the Paper Plate Snail Craft

What You Need:

  • paper plate
  • paints (two or more)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • construction paper for the tentacles (optional) – you can use paper plate scraps
  • black marker
  • googly eye stickers or googly eyes (optional)
  • paintbrush

Step by Step Tutorial

You only need one paper plate to make one snail, making this an inexpensive project.

Step 1

Let’s paint the paper plate. You will need two different colors and paint the outer edge of the paper plate with one…

Step 2

…and the inside circle with another color.

Step 3

Let the paint dry. Once dry, cut along the inner circle to shape up the snail. The kids can round up the head, but there’s nothing wrong if they make a straight cut here.

Step 4

Add a pair of googly eye stickers (or googly eyes) or just draw a pair of eyes with a black marker.

Step 5

Cut a pair of tentacles, either from left-over paper plate or craps or construction paper.

Step 6

Apply glue on the tentacles and them onto the head.

Step 7

Next, use a thick black marker to draw the spiral in the shell. Start from the center and work your way out or go the other way, whichever feels more natural.

Step 8

Finish the snail paper plate craft by drawing a smile on the snail’s face.

Step 10

This one is great for the classroom, we can just imagine an escargatoire of snails (this is what the group of snails is called) in different colors decorating your classroom wall.

DIY Paper Plate Snail Craft

We can’t wait to share more fun and engaging projects with you soon!

Easy Paper Plate Snail Craft

Stay crafty!

Paper Plate Snail Craft Idea

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