Paper Plate Ice Cream Craft – Summer Craft Idea for Kids

Summer and ice cream go hand in hand and while this paper plate ice cream craft won’t exactly cool you, it still is super fun to make.

These are fun to craft, they can be used as a party decoration or even as pretend play ice cream cones.
Fun Paper Plate Ice Cream Craft for Kids

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I haven’t yet met a person who wouldn’t love ice cream. There are so many flavours and kinds to choose from these days, that I am 100% sure each and everyone can find just their flavour.

We’re not serving real ones today though, we have a fun summer craft for kids to share with you today, and this one really can be a very open ended one. Especially with young kids as they can have some super silly answers when you ask them what their favourite flavor is, ranging from your every day fruity flavours to poo flavored ice cream.

We are sharing two simple ideas on how to make and decorate an ice cream craft but we are sure your kids will get super creative when it comes to making their own ice cream.

How to Make a Paper Plate Ice Cream Craft

What you need

  • paper plates
  • brown card stock
  • pink, mint and black paint
  • red pom pom balls
  • sprinkles
  • black markers
  • scissors
  • glue
  • brushes


Draw an ice cream scoop onto your paper plates with a rounded circle top, a scalloped bottom with the sides slightly bigger than the top circle and cut out with scissors.



Paint one scoop pink and one mint green and let dry.


Cut out two triangle shapes from your brown paper with the top being about 4-5″ wide.


Draw a criss cross pattern onto your brown triangle cones with your black marker. Glue your ice cream scoops onto the top of your cones.

Use a small paint brush to paint on small black dots onto your mint green scoop to look like chocolate chips.

Apply glue onto the pink scoop and top with sprinkles (do not eat).

Then glue one red pom-pom ball onto the top of each ice cream scoop and let your cones dry.


Cute Paper Plate Ice Cream Craft

Paper Plate Ice Cream Craft for Kids to Make

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