Paper Ladybug Box Craft

Love warmer seasons? The spring always provides us with a ton of bug crafting ideas. So get ready because today we’re making a Paper Ladybug Box Craft.

Paper Ladybug Box Craft

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We love making different Spring Crafts for kids (check out our Spring Agamograph Template or enjoy playing with your Frog Puppet).

And if your kids like to draw, we got an easy step-by-step tutorial on How to Draw a Ladybug on your own.

DIY Paper Ladybug Spring Craft

Hands up if you love ladybugs! Hands up if you like to craft today’s ladybug with us!

Paper Box Ladybug Spring Craft

You know that we adore ladybugs. You have probably seen all the ladybugs we created here on Easy Peasy and Fun.

Paper Ladybug Box Spring Craft

There are plenty of them, huh? And we are not done. There are plenty more to come.

DIY 3D Paper Ladybug Box Craft

So let’s start!

How to Make Paper Ladybug Box Craft

What you need:

  • red cardstock
  • dark green cardstock
  • light green cardstock
  • white cardstock
  • black cardstock
  • scissors
  • glue
  • ruler with circle shapes
  • circle object (we used a jar lid)
  • black liner
  • pencil

Step by Step Tutorial

The Flower

Trace a circle on the light green cardstock.

Step 2

Cut out the circle using scissors.

Step 4

Glue the circle on the dark green cardstock.

Step 5

Use the ruler’s most giant circle shape and draw some flower leaves around the light green circle.

Step 6

If you don’t have a ruler with circle shapes, draw them freehand.

Step 7

Cut out the flower.

Step 8

Outline the flower with the black liner.

Step 11

The Ladybug’s Body

To make the ladybug, you will need to draw this box pattern on the red cardstock.

Step 12

Here are the dimensions for the box.

Step 13

Now cut out the red box.

Step 15

Make some creases where the lines are.

Step 16

Apply some glue only on the flaps (we folded the four rectangles so you can see them).

Step 17

Assemble the box.

Step 18

Now, if you are planning to gift the ladybug to someone, you can put some treats inside the box – a surprise message is a lovely idea too.

We didn’t put anything in ours; we just closed it.

Step 19

Take the ruler with circle shapes and draw 20 small circles on the black cardstock.

Step 20

Cut out the circles.

Step 21

Now use glue, and place five of the dots onto the top, bottom, right, and left.

Step 22

The Legs

Cut out six thin black strips and round their corners using scissors.

Step 23

Turn the ladybug on its back and glue the legs on the bottom part of it as shown.

Step 24

The Antennae

On the black cardstock, draw a ladybug’s head with two thin antennae.

Step 25

Cut out the head.

Step 26

Glue the head in the front part of the box.

Step 27

The Eyes

On the white cardstock, draw two circle eyes and a tiny circle mouth.

Step 28

Cut them out.

Step 29

Glue the eyes and the mouth on the ladybug’s head.

Step 30

Apply some glue on the bottom of the box and attach the ladybug to the flower.

Spring Paper Ladybug Box Craft


DIY Paper Ladybug Box

We are so happy when we see ladybugs taking a walk or a nap on flowers.

DIY Paper Ladybug Craft

Aren’t they adorable?

Paper Ladybug Craft

You can make as many as you want.

DIY 3D Paper Ladybug Boxes Craft

They’ll surely bring you luck.

DIY Paper Ladybug Box Craft

Have fun crafting!

Paper Ladybug Box Craft Idea

Get Your Ladybug Paper Toy Template Here

Ladybug Paper Toy

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