Construction Paper Frog Craft – Sitting on A Water Lily Leaf

Hop into spring by making this funky construction paper frog craft on a water lilly leaf  (regular paper will work too).

Paper Frog Craft for Kids. Fun Spring Craft Idea for Kids to Make. #papercraftsforkids #frogcrafts #Springcraftsforkids

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Already planning your spring craft projects or activities for classroom or for a fun crafting session with your kid at home. Kids do love frogs, that’s true and this little construction paper frog is a fun and easy one to make.

This one can be a wonderful animal craft activity to do as your kids learn about the frog life cycle or at any time really.

Paper Frog Craft for Kids

How to Make a Construction Paper Frog Craft

What you need:

  • dark green construction paper (regular paper is OK too)
  • bright green construction paper (regular paper works well)
  • red paper
  • black marker
  • wiggle eye stickers / googly eyes / or draw your eyes
  • scissors
  • glue

Watch the Video Tutorial

Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions

You need two strips of bright green paper, one wider than the other.

Easiest way for kids to make them is to fold along the width of the letter or A4 sized sheet of paper – the fold making the cutting line for the thinner strip.

Cut about and inch / 2 cm from the folded sheet to get the wider strip.

Cut the two strips apart by cutting along the fold line.

Shorten the thinner strip of construction paper. Set aside the trimmed off part.

Apply glue on one end of paper strip…

And glue the ends together to make the roll.

Do the same with both the thinner and wider paper strip.

Apply a small amount of glue on one portion of the smaller paper roll and stick it on the larger one.

Now take the little piece of trimmed off paper (from the thinner strip) and glue on two wiggle eye stickers (or googly eyes or draw on your own).

Cut above the eyes, making two arches.

Fold under the eyes (to get a L shape).

Stick on the eyes on the smaller roll (head of your construction paper frog craft).

Draw nose and mouth.

Cut a thin strip of red paper. Make it fairly long.

Roll it.

And glue it on the mouth. If needed fix the mouth with marker again.

Cut a strip of green paper.

Cut it into two strips for the legs.

Round one end if you wish…

And stick them on the frog’s body.

Also make the hind legs, they can be a bit wider.

Stick them under the body of the frog.

Now Make the Water Lilly Leaf

Cut a circle out of darker brown construction paper.

Cut out a triangle shape to make the water lilly leaf.

Apply glue either on the leaf or on your construction paper frog…

And stick the frog on the leaf.

Construction Paper Frog Craft

Paper Frog Craft for Kids to Make

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