Movable Heart Paper Doll

Print out our movable heart paper doll and let it flap it’s love wings. Just in time for a Valentine’s day, this activity is great to do either at home or in the classroom.

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It’s been a while since we made a movable doll, but we do love them oh so much! If you are a fan too, print out this one, and while you are at it why not also grab the movable chick paper doll that’s perfect to do in the months to come.

I might say this one often, but this one is my favorite to date (and at the same time I hope I will be able to say the same for the next one). The wings turned out really well and the flapping looks really cool.

This time around, there are actually different printable templates available, they come in two sizes as it’s easier for younger kids to make larger ones. There’s also a design without the facial expressions included, so you can either have a “faceless” heart or design your own.

Ready? Grab our printable template (you’ll find it at the end of the how to tutorial), print it and make this valentine’s day project for kids.

Movable Heart Paper Doll Printable Craft for Kids

How to Make a Movable Heart Paper Doll with Our Printable Template

What you need:

  • our printable template
  • heavier print paper (or regular print paper and laminator)
  • brads 
  • yarn
  • coloring supplies
  • glue + clear tape
  • scissors


Watch the Video Tutorial


Step by Step How to Instructions

Print out our templates (you can grab them at the end of the tutorial).

I do recommend using heavier print paper or cardstock as it’s durable and easier to color in. If working with regular paper you must laminate the parts of the doll or the paper will tear. You can also laminate heavier paper to make the dolls even more durable.

There are more versions available and they come in two sizes. In this tutorial we are showing the smaller size – with two movable dolls per sheet of paper.

Color in the parts of the doll. We choose markers because of their bright colors.

To give the wings a bit of dimension, we used a light gray marker.

Cut out the heart and the wings.

Punch holes (the holes are marked on both wings and heart).

We used a skewer to punch the holes, anything moderately sharp and pointy will do the job.

Flip over the heart and push a brad through the hole (the prongs should be on the back side and the cap on the colored side).

Now push it through the wing too, through the inner hole of the wing (see picture below).

Secure the brad by separating the prongs.

Do the same with both wings.

Take the yarn and thread it through the holes on the wings. We made a needle out of paper but I really do recommend getting plastic needles for kids that are perfect for projects like this (and for the classroom).

Tie the yarn. It has to be loose, so that the wings can fall down when you are not pulling the yarn.

It’s best to test the length as you go, so do not tie it too much in the first go. Secure with the second knot.

You can glue on a craft stick on the back of your doll and it will serve as a handy handle.

Regular glue might not do the best job so we also secured ours with tape.

And there you have it! Your Movable Heart Paper Doll is ready to fly around the room.

Movable Heart Paper Doll Craft for Kids

Get the movable heart paper doll template here

Click here to get the templates: Heart Movable Doll

Happy crafting

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