Mommy and Me Salt Dough Hedgehog Craft

We’re stepping back from Christmas for a bit with this lovely mommy and me salt dough hedgehog craft!

It is the season of salt dough ornaments after all but not all of them need to be Christmassy.

Mommy and Me Salt Dough Hedgehog Craft

Mommy and Me Salt Dough HedgeHog

Use salt dough recipe from Santa salt dough ornament.
This hedgehog is created by printing the mom and baby’s hands, then sitting them on top of each other.


Prepare the salt dough according to the recipe – you can see the recipe we use here.
Roll out the dough into 2 circles. The circles should be about 1/2 in thick and big enough for each hand you will be using.
Firmly press each hand down onto a circle, lift away quickly.

Hedgehog Craft Process
Trim the handprint out from each , removing the thumb from the larger handprint.
Sit the smaller handprint on top of the larger one right in the middle. (see photo)
Lightly press down so they stick together. Bake on 300°F for at least 1 hour.
Dough should start to dry out and harden.

Use craft paints to paint the bottom handprint light brown and the top dark brown.
Create a face (refer to photo) , get a little crafty and make it your own!.

Now that mommy and me keepsake is done, why not make a daddy and me one too. This will be an amazing gift for grandparents – you can use left hand for one parent and right hand for the other.

Salt Dough Hedgehog Craft

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