Footprint Salt Dough Keepsake

What better way to surprise grandparents or other family members for holidays than to make and gift a footprint salt dough keepsake?

This is a frugal craft perfect for kids of all ages – you can even turn it into a yearly tradition to keep track on the little footsie growth (oh how adorable).

Footprint Salt Dough Keepsake

Let’s make aFootprint Salt Dough Keepsake

What you need

NOTE* The amount of dough you will need depends on the size of the feet you are imprinting

Roll your dough into a ball, cut a piece the size you need and flatten to about 1 inch thick on wax paper & cookie sheet

Lightly flour the top of the dough to prevent sticking

Firmly press each foot into the dough and carefully lift up off to create your print

At this point you can use a toothpick or similar object to write on your print (ex. name, date etc.)

Bake on 300 for about 2 hours (we tested this in the microwave and it was just too thick to dry correctly)

Allow to cool, then paint as desired. Makes a great gift!!

Footprint Keepsake Made from Salt Dough

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