How to Make Paper Beads

Put old magazines, newspaper and commercial flyers into good use – learn how to make paper beads and make cool recycled jewellery. 

This project is great for all ages, you can make big beads with younger kids and smaller one that look just like glass beads with older kids (or yourself).

How to Make Paper Beads Tutorial

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We’ll show you how to make paper beads and how to make a simple paper bead bracelet.

Sounds interesting, huh? It is super easy to turn paper into beads.

For those of you who already have the magic wand it would be an easy-peasy job, right? And for the rest of you who don’t have a magic wand, you will have to hand roll the paper strips on a toothpick to make the beads or you can quick-jump to see the magic wand project we showed you a little while ago.

How to Make Paper Beads Paper Craft

These can look so cool that none of your friends will notice that the bracelet you are wearing is made out of paper!

How to Make Paper Beads Craft for Kids

And how cool is that?

How to Make Paper Beads Bracelet

What you need:

  • newspaper, book pages, paper painted with watercolors or color paper
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • glue
  • stretch yarn
  • toothpick

Optional: gloss varnish, paints



Step by Step Instructions

On the chosen paper, draw and cut out an isosceles triangle shape, right triangle shape, and a rectangle shape as shown on the picture.

Step 1
Be sure that the paper strips are proper length, 8 inch / 20 cm at least.

If you want to make larger beads just use longer strips of paper.

Step 2-1-1

Put some glue down one side of the paper strip and start rolling it around the toothpick.

Step 2-1-2
When the strip completely glues on itself, take it out of the toothpick and place it aside to dry.

Step 2-2

Repeat this step with each of the paper strips, until you have enough beads to thread on the yarn.


Apply some glue over the beads and let them dry.


You will need to measure around your wrist to make the bracelet a proper size.

Start threading the beads on the stretch yarn and after you finish, make a firm knot.
Step 4

All done!

Now put your bracelet on and show it to everyone!

You can make as many as you like.

How to Make Paper Beads Paper Craft Idea for Kids

Make them as colorful as you can.

How to Make Paper Beads Paper Craft Idea

Enjoy crafting!

How to Make Paper Beads Paper Craft Idea for Kids to Make

How to Make the Paper Beads Look Like Glass Beads

If you are looking for the glass look, make the beads from isosceles triangle shape – and make it as long as possible. Once you roll the bead, paint it with paint and cover with glossy varnish.

Project contributed by Ema.

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