How to Make a Father’s Day Shirt Card (Template Included)

Learn How to Make a Father’s Day Shirt Card in no time – use our printable template to make the perfect shirt and tie each and every time or just follow the instructions and make one without the template, it’s really easy either way.

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Learn how to make a Father's Day Shirt Card. This one will is certainly the best Father's day card kids can make. It also makes a perfect classroom Father's day craft for kids.

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Simple things are always the best and this DIY shirt card can’t be easier to make. It’s suitable for all ages as long as kids (or kids at heart) can work with scissors – older preschoolers will be able to make their own, kindergarteners will be proud of their work and older kids won’t have any issues at all.

But why stop with kids, this one is so fun it will be fun for you to make too!

You can either use scrapbooking paper to make fancy ties or you can use scrap paper to add decorations to your ties. And the same goes for shirts – you can use construction paper in one color or go with a patterned one (Hawaiian shirt anyone?).

Ready? Let’s make this shirt card!

Father's Day Shirt Card Idea. Paper crafts for kids.

How to Make a Father’s Day Shirt Card


What you need:

  • our template (optional but super handy as the template for card and tie is included – you can grab the template at the end of this how to tutorial)
  • construction paper for shirt (or other patterned paper)
  • patterned paper for tie (or scrap paper or have the kids design their own with crayons)
  • scissors
  • glue

Step by Step DIY Tutorial

Father's Day Shirt Card

Print the template. The template part with the card base is best printed on colored construction paper.

Alternatively you can also print it on white paper and have the kids color the shirt card base (either with one color or with funky designs).

Cut out the template – cut along the full line.

Cut, cut, cut… The full line is guiding you.

Don’t forget the slits for collar.

Time to fold. Fold along the dashed line on the shirt card base. Crease well to make the fold really sharp.

Cut out the tie template. If you want to color it it’s best to color before cutting.

If using as stencil then place the tie on patterned paper and trace around with pencil or marker.

Cut out the tie design.

Add a bit of glue on the top of the tie (on the back) and glue it on the card base (between slits).

Fold the strips of paper on top of the card, the bottom corners towards the top of the tie to create a collar.

Glue isn’t necessary to secure the collar but can be added.

Write your message inside the card.

All done! You’ve learned how to make a father’s day shirt card.

How to Make Father's Day Shirt Card

Father's Day Shirt Card idea For Kids


Happy crafting!

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